Top 5 Featured Seeeduino/Arduino Grove Projects of the Week – June 11

Welcome back to our Top 5 featured projects section. Here are the Top 5 featured Seeeduino/Arduino Grove Projects of this week. Hope you will find something interesting.

1. Pushup Counter

by Team MixPose

While we can track cycling with Pelaton, running/walking with Fitbit, some of the basic exercises such as push-ups are still relatively hard to track. This project built a prototype of a push-up counter using an IR sensor and Arduino.

Hardware Components You May Need

2. Grove – Thermal Imaging Camera IR Array (MLX90641)

by Seeed

Think about seeing yourself through a thermal imaging camera? Just be careful not to fart in front of the camera, or you will be shown on the screen since the temperature differs from your body and the fart came out of it. Let’s follow the project and check with the powerful Grove – Thermal Imaging Camera IR Array and Wio Terminal.

Hardware Components You May Need

3. Pulse Oximeter Using Wio Terminal

by HomeMadeGarbage

Who are familiar with Wio Terminal may know that it is a multifunctional microcontroller in which everything else is packaged, such as LCD, Bluetooth, WiFi, infrared and illuminance sensor, etc. This project is impressive for making a pulse oximeter with the powerful Wio Terminal.

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4. Posture Control Night Light with Change Color and Count Down

by Seeed

The switch-mode of this posture control night light is interesting. With the changer of its position, the light color will change automatically, and it could count down to turn itself off.

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5. A Blooming Time

by Samantha Song

A mechanical flower that will open when touched, it can tell you the day, date, time, temperature and humidity. A beautiful art installation, yet with a practical function, it is a blend of art and technology.

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How do you like projects for this week? If also you have awesome projects, please do not hesitate to share with us. Hope to see your projects here soon!

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