You are one step away from a $50 coupon! Sign up now to get this PCB/PCBA discount😍

We’re thrilled to kick off the year with a special offer on Seeed Studio Fusion: Sign up now and win a $50 discount on all PCB/PCBA orders, including shipping fees! 🎉

As long as you are a newly registered user from January 1, 2024 (00:00 GMT+8), this exclusive deal is yours to seize!

Duration: From March 12, 2024 (4:00 PM GMT+8)
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Seeed Studio Fusion serves as the comprehensive service platform for Seeed Studio, a global one-stop online platform offering PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and hardware customization with global sourcing capability. Whether you need prototyping, mass production, custom solutions for open-source products, or the transformation of your creative ideas into profitable products, Seeed Studio Fusion can meet your requirements.

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  1. Great news! Unlock the power of Seeed Studio Fusion and scale up your creations with ease! From PCB manufacturing to assembly and hardware customization, Seeed Studio Fusion offers a comprehensive platform to bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re prototyping or ready for mass production, leverage their global sourcing capability and expertise to turn your creative concepts into successful products.

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