Now you know our next generation Electronic Brick system will be called: GROVE. GROVE is an open modular toolset, designed to minimize the difficulty of fundamental electronic engineering. It is formed by functional modules TWIG and interface board STEM. Each TWIG has unified 4pin interface and standardized jigsaw shape for easy combination. They can work with major existing development platform (like Arduino and compatible boards, beagle board, Xbee, and etc) via STEMs.

Community based – satisfying needs through voting, democratized design, project and recipe sharing, profit sharing business pattern, Renting and Reuse.


Sprout mode: Cluster, Jigsaw, Blade (Developing)

Grove System is our new baby and we want to add a nice logo on it. So there is your chance! If you have the skill, why not design a logo for us?

The LOGO will be printed on every board belongs to GROVE system, in silk screen.


Logo design must:

• Be equally presentable in small format uses (e.g., letterhead and publications)
and large format uses (e.g., banners and presentations);
• Be printable in colour and in black and white;
• Not produce trademark problems due to potential similarities to existing trademarked material.
You can submit your design by sending mail to fan(at) before 31th October,   Submissions must be in high‐resolution JPG and/or PSD, CDR, AI etc… format.
As a award, we will give 1X Grove Starter bundle to the 1st winner, we will also add him to our VIP list so he/she can always buy our products with discounts.
Other participators will also have chance to get GIFTs from SEEED.
Please feel free to leave any suggestions in comment, thanks.
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