Another amazing design from Shawn Frayne and Jordan McRae!!!

The designers of Windcell Maker Kit, Shawn Frayne and Jordan McRae, have brought us another awesome stuff calls “B-Squares”.



As their previous designs, B-Squares are about clean energy, information, education and art. Particularly, this time is more playable and multifunctional. Basically, B-Squares are 3D modular solar, storage, arduino-compatible, power my i-device building blocks for makers. For instance, they can have LED square, solar square, rechargeable battery square and arduino square. Also, they are connectable with the help of magnetic electrical contacts so that makers can combine the squares in terms of whatever they like.




Launch time? A proto-product campaign will be releasing on May 1, and your support will be really critical to turn this into reality!  


Thanks Shawn and Jordan for bringing us all the cool things!


Click here to see videos of B-Squares in action.

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