Break, Place and Program: The WunderBar!

The Internet of Things is as easy as chocolate! And now with Grove, a bridge to Arduino, you can further explore the world of IoT: the sky is the limit!

WunderBar looks like the chocolate WonkaBar from the famous movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – but it’s more than that!

This is a super innovative and useful toolkit now being crowdfunded on the Dragon Crowdfunding Platform. We here at Seeed are excited by what the Relayr team is working on and how easily the Grove System can help!


The WunderBar is a 7-piece starter-kit, specially designed for App Developers to start programming the physical world, even without any knowledge of hardware. Just break off one of the Beacon (BLE) sensor modules and place it on anything and start programming an app for it within minutes. The Beacon modules communicate with the Wifi/BLE Master module and to the relayr OpenSensorCloud platform. Each module is powered by a coin cell battery. Sensors include light, color, distance, temperature, humidity, remote control (IR), accelerometer, and gyroscope, and one public sensor chosen by you!WunderBar1

And most excitingly, one module is now equipped with a Grove Connector, as a bridge to the large family of fun and easy sensors and actuators in the Grove System. And it bridges the entire WunderBar to Arduino, so Makers can also connect the WunderBar with Arduino compatible components, making it even more versatile if you want. grove

Without Apps and open APIs, the Internet of Things will never happen, because there will be no inter-connection between the things.

The Internet of Things can only take off, when software developers also can easily build useful and fun apps, which use sensor data from different devices, independent of the device makers, both small and large. This should empower software and hardware developers.

The WunderBar is attacking this problem. They believe App Developers should have it super easy, using SDKs with libraries, tutorials, and REST APIs, just like they use developing apps for their smartphones, only now it’s outside the phone.


All the delicious tech specs can be found directly on the WunderBar Dragon Crowdfunding campaign at the bottom.

Have fun playing with IoT, and bring changes to our lives!


February 2014