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      LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo

      LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo

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      LinkIt Smart 7688

      The Linklt Smart 7688 development platform offers two developments boards:

      What is LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo

      LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo is an open development board compatible with Arduino Yún sketches, based on the OpenWrt Linux distribution, MT7688 and ATmega32u4. The board is designed especially to enable the prototyping of Rich IoT Application for smart house or office. Since it is compatible with Arduino, this allows you to use different features from Arduino Yún and LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo, which will help you build rich applications based on various, robust and compiled Arduino Yún sketches. The board offers you the memory and packet storage to enable robust video processing. The platform also offers options to create device applications in Python, Node.js and C programming language.

      LinkIt Smart 7688 duo is a co-design product by Seeed Studio and MediaTek. It brings together the parties' knowledge in open hardware and industry leading reference designs for IoT devices to create this powerful development board.

      LinkIt Smart 7688 duo is fully supported on the MediaTek Labs site: check out the LinkIt sectionandregister here to download the SDK, participate in the Forums, and more.

      Note (important)

      In order to protect the product from improper operation, please pay attention to below notes.

      • Choose more reliable power adapter with stable output.

      • Recommended conditions of power input source for 7688:

           1. Overshoot voltage of power input should not over 5.5.

           2. Voltage wave should be within ±100mV of rated voltage.


      • 580 MHz MIPS CPU    

      • Single input single output(1T1R) Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4G)    

      • Pin-out for GPIO, I2C, SPI, SPIS, UART, PWM and Ethernet Port    

      • 32MB Flash and 128MB DDR2 RAM    

      • USB host    

      • Micro SD slot    

      • Support for Arduino (ATmega32U4)    

      what is LinkIt ONE


      Category            Feature            Specification            
      MPU            Chipset            MT7688AN          
      Core            MIPS24KEc           
      Clock speed           580MHz            
      Working voltage            3.3V            
      MCU            Chipset            ATmega32U4            
      Core            Atmel AVR            
      Clock speed            8MHz            
      Working voltage            3.3V            
      PCB Size            Dimensions            60.8 x 26 mm            
      Memory            Flash            32MB            
      RAM            128MB DDR2            
      Power Source            USB Power            5V (USB micro-B)            
      VCC            3.3V (Pin Breakout)            
      GPIO            Pin Count            3 (MT7688AN)
      24 (ATmega32U4)
      Voltage            3.3v            
      PWM            Pin Count            8 (ATmega32U4)            
      Voltage            3.3v            
      Max. Resolution            16 bits (customizable)            
      Maximum Frequency@Resolution            31.25kHz@8-bit, Timer 0 (4 sets)            
      2MHz@2-bit,122Hz@16-bit, Timer 1 & 3 (4 sets)            
      187.5kHz@8-bit, 46.875kHz@10-bit, Timer 4 (6 sets)            
      ADC            Pin Count            12 (ATmega32U4)            
      Voltage            3.3v            
      External Interrupts            Pin Count            8 (ATmega32U4)            
      SPI/SPIS            Set count            1 (ATmega32U4)            
      Pin numbers            S0, S1, S2, S3            
      Max. Speed            4 MHz            
      I2C            Set count            1            
      Pin numbers            D2, D3            
      Speed            400K            
      UART Lite            Set count            1 (ATmega32U4)            
      1 (MT7688AN)            
      Pin numbers            P8, P9 (MT7688AN)            
      D0, D1 (ATmega32U4)            
      Max. Speed            0.5 Mbps (MT7688AN)            
      0.5 Mbps (ATmega32U4)            
      USB Host            Set count            1 (MT7688AN)            
      Pin numbers            P6, P7            
      Connector type            Micro-AB            
      Communication            Wi-Fi            1T1R 802.11 b/g/n (2.4G)            
      Ethernet            1-port 10/100 FE PHY            
      Pin numbers            P2, P3, P4, P5            
      User Storage            SD Card            Micro SD

      Schematic Diagram

      Schematic diagram

      Technical Details

      Dimensions56mm x 26mm x 18mm
      WeightG.W 39g    

      Part List

      LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo1


      Questions and Answers

      will the kit work for 24/7 in 50 degree Celsius. because i want to deploy in real time application.
      on May 10,2017
      Replyupvote ()
      try it and let us know!
      on Jun 02,2017 23:45 PM
      Replyupvote ()
      I also want to know, thanks
      on Aug 22,2017 13:49 PM
      Replyupvote ()
      has anyone gotten nodejs 4.3 working?
      on Dec 31,2016
      Replyupvote ()
      struggling with LTS at the moment but cross-compiling is a nightmare
      on Jan 21,2017 09:46 AM
      Replyupvote ()
      is there a schematic
      on Nov 26,2016
      Replyupvote ()
      Please find the schematics from the following link :
      on Nov 29,2017 14:05 PM
      Replyupvote ()
      Is there eagle files available?
      on Feb 02,2018
      Replyupvote ()
      SORRY,we have not eagle files
      on Feb 06,2018 15:32 PM
      Replyupvote ()

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        LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo

        SKU 102110017
        50+ Available
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