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SenseCAP SOLO CO2 5000 (A1) - NDIR CO2 Sensor, MODBUS-RTU RS485 & SDI-12


This digital NDIR CO2 concentration sensor supports Modbus (Modbus-RTU/Modbus-ASCII) RS485 and SDI-12 communication protocols, built-in calibration functionality, and compact in size, making it widely applicable in greenhouses, cities, poultry farms, transportation stations, and other application scenarios where CO2 level is needed.



You can easily use this CO2 sensor with SeeeduinoSeeeduino LotusArduino, and Raspberry Pi, with the Grove - RS485 to build your IoT projects conveniently.


The SenseCAP SOLO CO2 5000 Sensor comes in two versions. The main difference is in the cable connector. Please choose the version that best suits your needs: 
(1) Version A2: with a waterproof aviation connector. This version saves you time in deployment as you won't have to use screws to connect the cable to the data logger. And it can be used with SenseCAP Sensor Hub 4G Data Logger instantly with ease.
(2) Version A1: with hook-up wires.


Please send an email to sensecap[at]seeed[dot]cc to request any technical support for this product.


  • High performance: high accuracy, fast response, and superior stability
  • support MODBUS RS485 and SDI-12
  • Compact size, best performance-to-price ratio
  • User-friendly: fully-calibrated, easy to install and integrate
  • Wide-range Power Supply: 5V ~ 16V
  • Wide Range & High Accuracy: 400ppm ~ 5,000 ppm, ± (50ppm+5%*MV)

CO2 has a large impact on us - human activities, plants, and animals, basically everything on this planet. In agriculture, CO2 is vital for photosynthesis, and increases in CO2 concentration could be beneficial to crops such as wheat, rice, and soya beans, etc. [Source: Climate Change and World Agriculture] Whereas, a high CO2 level may lead to asphyxiation to human and animals. The CO2 emissions trapped inside the atmosphere are the major factor of global warming. CO2 also results in ocean acidification, which creates tremendous harm to marine life.


The CO2 level is also an important indicator of whether the air quality in the room is sub-par,  which will suggest when we should turn on the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system of indoor environments no matter for offices, homes, or gyms to increase air circulation. Thus, accessing data on the CO2 level is important for humans to detect potential problems. When sufficient scientific data are available, we will know what actions to take under different circumstances more effectively.


This is a digital CO2 concentration sensor based on NDIR (nondispersive infrared), which can continuously collect and calculate the CO2 concentration in the air per unit volume and output in the form of a universal interface. It's designed to adopt PTFE film combined with a protective enclosure, improving its breathable performance. It is more accurate, stable, reliable, low-power consumption, and user-friendly. It compacts in size and can be easily integrated into various application scenarios.


This digital NDIR CO2 concentration sensor supports MODBUS RS485 serial communications, SDI-12 communication protocols, and is compatible with the wide power supply voltage of 5-16V. It has a built-in calibration functionality and can be widely applied in both indoor and outdoor environments. This product also adopts both single-air-chamber and double-channel.



  • Smart Agriculture
  • Smart Cities
  • Building ventilation systems
  • Industry ventilation systems
  • Airport, train station, shopping mall, home, office, classroom, and others
  • public places for air quality measurement and indication
  • Lab, warehouse, and other places to monitor the CO2 level


Range 400~5000 ppm
Accuracy ± (50ppm+5%*MV)(in 400~3000ppm)
Resolution 1 ppm
General Parameters
Product Model SOLO CO2 5000 (A1)
Interface RS-485
Protocol MODBUS-RTU RS485/ MODBUS-ASCII RS485/ SDI-12 (v1.4)
Response Time (T90) <5 minutes for 90% step change typical
IP Rating IPx5
(the PTFE filter is not waterproof)
Operating Temperature -10 ~ +50 °C
Operating Humidity 0 ~ 85% (non-condensing)
Cable Length 2 meters
Probe Dimensions 110 * 50 * 35 mm
Device Weight 300g
Power Supply 5V ~ 16V
Current Consumption Vin=16V; 22mA (typical)
Vin=12V; 28mA (typical)
Vin=9V; 34mA (typical)
Vin=5V; 57mA (typical)
Warm-up Time 120s (typical)
Scan Interval 1s
Poll Rate 1Hz
Response Time ≤ 4ms
Power Supply 5V ~ 16V
Current Consumption
(Sleep Mode)
Vin=16V; 28uA (typical)
Vin=12V; 29uA (typical)
Vin=9V; 30uA (typical)
Vin=5V; 35uA (typical)
Current Consumption
(Active Mode)
Vin=16V; 20mA (typical)
Vin=12V; 27mA (typical)
Vin=9V; 33mA (typical)
Vin=5V; 55mA (typical)
Warm-up Time 15ms
Scan Interval 120s (typical)

Wiring Diagram

Probe Dimensions


Q: Why is there no response to send the command when I use SDI-12 output?
A: The default output of the sensor is RS485 and the slave address is 1. If you need to use SDI-12 output, you need to open the cover and push the button on the board to ''1'' and ''2''. At the same time, check whether the wire sequence is correct.


HSCODE 9027100090
USHSCODE 8543708800
EUHSCODE 8517180000
RoHS 1



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  1. Product Quality
    from order view
    Have not deployed yet but seems to be of good quality. Would purchase this or even the i2c version. Didn't look at documentation yet so gave 3 stars due to the site not letting me skip it.


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