Have a coffee in our new office

Eric.Pan might have told you that we were going to move to a new office,  since we already had almost 2 dozens people in SEEED, we found that even breathing has became a difficult thing. The new office is right next to our old place but got triple size, finally we had some place to sit down and have a coffee, even play Table Tennis in our new land.

This is our resting area, our favorite part in this office. we had some nice chair and sofa from Ikea, a 32 inches TV and Xbox 360 here. It is fun to play Video games for a while after everyday work, relax a bit.

Our meeting room, it is in the same block of the resting area, but will be surrounded by bamboo curtains. When there’s no meeting, the room will be open and become part of the resting area. We bought a projector few days ago and used it to play movies, watch football games, pretty much fun than my 13 inches screen.

Here you see the main working area. Furniture is still in making and will be ready in 2 days. Also we are planning  to add some cool tattoo on theses white walls.

That’s it, we are still working on our new office, and more pics will be posted if there’s any progress. BTW, if you have chance to visit Shenzhen, China, just come to visit us, have a coffee in our new office.

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  1. You can catch the K113 bus, the bus will take you to our place. Of course, Taxi is the easiest way, which will cost you less than 10 bucks.

  2. Would it be hard to go from SEG Plaza to Nanshan district? I was in Shenzhen last month, would probably stop by next time. 🙂

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