Seeed Studio Depot updated

Thanks to our IT engineer, we have a better UI for website, and  so many new features! Let’s check them out:

Brand new looking for depot (Bazaar)

New features!

You are now able to add any product to your wish-list! You can create as many lists as you want, manage them, share them.

Quick order

Quick order lists all products from us in one page, by simply fill the QTY form of each product, you can place a mass order much faster than before. This is a feature most needed by those who order from us frequently.

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We also gave Depot a new name: Bazaar because it sounds more like a marketplace for everybody. It’s not our destination to become a famous vendor, but a place provides help to developers, help them make prototype, manufacturing and sell their products. Anyone can become a part of Bazaar!

Please leave comment if you have any suggestion to our site. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Seeed Studio Depot updated

  1. Hmm I mis the new products category and the specials page. Two of the biggest holes in my wallet. In general I will admit that there is an improvement, but I surprised I could not find those anymore.

    As for suggestions I would like to be able to sort my account by status. Date order is not as interesting for someone like me.

    Also it would be helpful is forecast as to when something will be in stock would be nice. It does not need to be completely accurate, but a time frame would be nice.

    Also why to out of stock items still show in the Final Sale zone? Never made any sense to me. It seems there should be a graveyard for former products, so we can find data-sheets and the like, but not get reminded of what we no longer can get while browsing.

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