Obstacle Avoiding Car By Make Block

Make Block is a slot style building system with inner thread. Its unique threaded slot design facilitates the trouble of fixing a screw onto a block. We were glad to receive a pack of Make Block as a New Year gift from Jasen, the designer. Let’s check what we’ve done with this Aluminum version of Lego.

If you have experienced the trouble of setting nuts in T-slot, you would enjoy the convenience and pleasure of getting rid of nuts. That’s what Make Block does with its inner thread. Besides, abundant joining plates and angle brackets make configuration extra user-friendly.

Make Block is supposed to be an all-in-one solution for mechanical structure. So Jasen also takes gear, servo and other common elements under consideration.

Our mechanics won’t be content to current car, of course. A practical project is coming. Wish you would enjoy it~

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1 thought on “Obstacle Avoiding Car By Make Block

  1. Jasen is still preparing for his website and kits now and Make Block is not open for sale at the moment. But it will be coming up in the foreseeable future. We will keep updating the news.
    As to the price, It’s up to Jasen, but I believe it would be affordable:).


    Do you have a link to a place where I can buy this stuff? “make block” isn’t a very useful search term, as it turns out
    I’m guessing the stuff will be pretty expensive, but wanted to see for myself.

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January 2012
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