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Back from Chinese New Year vacation of feast and fireworks, we are fully charged to rock-on again! Year of Dragon brings promise of Change, a lot exciting products are scheduled, more and better services are pending. Ahead of all these, let’s check what we have this week!

Remember the Jeep-looking toy car presented a few weeks ago? NowProject Skeleton is in stock to support your innovations! Designed with sturdiness and neatness in mind, finally acrylic and wood TFT faceplates are available for now, ask us for more!

Additional original products from Arduino team this week: the Ethernet series, ArduinoEthernet W/O PoE + USB2SERIAL and Arduino ETH Shield Rev3 WITH PoE Module, and a basic workshop KIT for Arduino beginners.

Arduino Ethernet W/O PoE + USB2SERIAL can be a quick solution for internet of things project. Then Arduino ETH Shield Rev3 WITH PoE Module is a great add-on for your existing Arduino and compatible board,  a new version with convenient PoE(Power over Ethernet) module.

And for beginners, how about a KIT that includes all basic modules about Arduino? KIT Workshop – Basic Level includes Arduino mainboard, breadboard, resistor, LED and other hands-on components. It’s a great kit for Arduino Introduction Class or new comers to OSH community.

Upcoming products

(under NPI stage, should be ready in 1-3 weeks)

Baisha LED pocket watch: Mr. Baisha, a Chinese maker has casted his geek spirit over an elegant retro style pocket watch. 178 SMD LEDs are packed into this little elf. Hand Assembled (no room for a pick and place machine at all) and ready to shine out.Limited version!

MilCandy: All-in-one tiny gadget for in-field Artificial Intelligence! Getting rid of IDE, programmer cables, power adapter, Milcandy is like a hardware version of IFTTT, enables you to program physical world in just a few clicks away. With plug and play grove interface, it’s compatible with more than 60 types of sensors and actuators.

Smart Outlet: A humble looking outlet with XBee compatible socket and build-in current sensor, 10A relay. SeeedSmart Outlet allows you quickly implement home automation, access with it from all smart devices via Bluetooth,Wifi, RF, Zigbee and etc.

Dragrove: Finally an open source wifi router geared with both openWRT and Arduino!Born to be hacked, this router has interchangeable Arduino compatible interface board. It integrates XBee compatible sockets to act as a gateway for Bluetooth, RF, Zigbee and other upcoming wireless protocals. With build-in Grove connector, you may directly bridge sensor and actuators to your IP network. FCC certified, in cooperation with Dragino.

Hexagon LED Panel kit:A simple but super fun LED kit. You may design a hexagon icon, learn to solder with color LEDs, and light it with just a LiPobatterie. Furthermore, multiple Panel kit could be tiled for bigger array. With Grove interface, it could also be easily integrated to other projectsas display or lighting.

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