SeeedStudio at SIGNAL 2016: Sending SMS to LinkIt ONE via Twilio API

We are excited to be in San Francisco next week as we will take part in the activities of SIGNAL 2016. SIGNAL is a great conversation about how to build and scale your Voice, Video, and Messaging apps. At SIGNAL, 2,000 software people converge for a conversation about the future of communications.  Our founder Eric Pan will give a speech at SIGNAL, stay tuned! Meet us at  Innovator 1!


Besides, We made a demo to show you how to send and receive a SMS with LinkIt ONE and Twilio.



What is LinkIt ONE?

The LinkIt ONE development board is an open source, high performance board for prototyping Wearables and IoT devices.


Time to call *it*

You’ll need a Twilio account and a Temboo account for prepared. Then you can start setting hardware.

Before starting the firmware update, make sure the slide switches are in proper position (MS/UART should be in MS position. USB/BAT in USB position):


Then, connect your LinkIt ONE to PC, you will get a 10M Disk(Just like a U-disk).

Open config.txt file. There are some information that needs to be filled.

  • TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID: your_twilio_account_sid
  • TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN: your_twilio_auth_token
  • TWILIO_NUMBER: your_twilio_number


  • TEMBOO_ACCOUNT: your_temboo_account
  • TEMBOO_APP_NAME: myFirstApp
  • TEMBOO_APP_KEY:your_temboo_app_key


  • WIFI_AP: your_ap_name
  • WIFI_PASSWORD:key_of_ap

Remember, we had got some account info a t Register a Twilio account and Register a Temboo account.

Then slide the switch to UART position. Connect Grove – OLED 1.12 to I2C port. You need to install the WiFi antenna as well.

QQ图片20160522163002    QQ图片20160522163010


Then, reset LinkIt ONE. You will get some information on LinkIt ONE:

  • Connecting– LinkIt ONE is connecting to your AP
  • Wifi ok – LinkIt ONE connected to your AP successful

Note: If you don’t get Wifi ok for a long time, please check if you had filled the correct information about your AP.

Remember, we had a number form Twilio. Now we will send a SMS to it, and the message will be printed on Grove – OLED 1.12 display.



Seconds later, check your OLED display:


Congratulations! Now, you have built the demo successfully. After finishing the demo, you can tweet picture of your completed project using #SeeedSignal and ping @SeeedStudio to Get 5% OFF coupon by 31st May!

Now we have launched our new community website and there’s much more LinkIt ONE tutorials for you to read up. Head over to

I hope to see you at SIGNAL. If you need any tech support when playing with Linkit ONE board, just drop by Innovator 1 or leave your question on



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