Time flies so fast! Today is the last day of Maker Faire Bay Area! We caught up with lots of current customers and met many new friends at our booth.

We were showcasing our latest demo of SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green Wireless. In this demo, it was using a Grove Base Cape for BeagleBone for using other Grove modules such as Grove – Air Quality sensor to monitor the air quality in your house and Grove – Temperature Sensor to sense the temperature as well as a Grove – Relay to control Led lights. See how it’s done on recipe


Zeo gave a speech on Maker Pro stage again, and this time she was discussing about the social network OF Evolving things. Everybody is talking about IoT, because this is a big market. But what’s the real value and value we are looking for even though we have so much pain in developing an IoT device? As the technologies are getting more accessible, makers start to challenge traditional ways of communication. There are more and more things connected, We, as human beings, do not or cannot control all of them. They should build a social network to collaborate. Seeed is helping the surging global “Maker Movement” to develop, create, and produce wildly imaginative IoT (Internet of Things) products which promise to make everything “intelligent” and connected.



As Maker Faire come and gone, we hope those who made it out to Maker Faire had as much fun as we did! Thanks again to all our great customers for making this trip worthwhile. Cheers!