Meet TAP – a timer for autistic people using BBGWireless


As Father’s day just gone by, today I would like to share a making story of a father in our community,  it’s about a man trying to develop a series of timers for his son to help him manage time better.

dsrc12 ‘s son, Jason, has problems with simple tasks, like spending too much time on washing hands, going to the toilet ect. He has tried conventional timers and even timers designed for people with disabilities. A good example is the watch and timer from the firm ‘time timer’ and he is now using  these.


dsrc12 ‘s proposal is to develop a series of timers that emulate ‘time timer’ clocks and timers but goes further. The start and finish times will be managed with external switches and the parent or carer is informed only if the maximum set duration for a task is exceeded. TAP manages work activities so that work is divided into tasks and each task has a start and finish time and a goal. The progress can be monitored remotely by a carer and if the task is completed before the set duration then the goal is indicated as achieved. How will this be achieved? He will start with a very simple version that emulates ‘time timer’ but other configurations will follow.

One of the most interesting of these will use motion detector sensors to start and finish events. Jason will be reminded that a task is over time using an audible alarm and the carer is also informed. For positive re-enforcement Jason is rewarded by an audible message if he finishes the task on time. Another interesting version will be based on the Raspberry Pi.

The simplest version of this project, will just will just use a BBGW and communicate to a chrome browser on your PC or Mac. Node-red will be used for capturing events, timing and creating a user interface (ui) on a chrome browser which can be on the carer’s PC or Mac.

Read the full story.

No matter dad or not, please try to make something for family this week, and come back to tell us how it goes.  I believe it’s going to be a great journey.


June 2016