We are so happy to share with you the exciting news! Micro:bit launches in U.S. and Canada! In addition, Seeed is now working with micro:bit to give educators and parents an easy-to-use tool to teach the basics of computer programming and inspire students to imagine, invent and innovate. Stay tune!

Microbit render 2 no background

(from microbit.org)

The micro:bit includes 25 LEDs to display simple images and text, two programmable buttons, a variety of sensors and can connect to other devices via Bluetooth. Additionally, the pins on the edge of the device allow for easy expansion to other hardware modules and broadens the creative options for students.

The micro:bit can be programmed using the popular block-based coding language Scratch. The micro:bit Scratch extension is available at scratchx.org. Students can also program the device using Microsoft Make Code, which allows them to switch back and forth between block-based and text-based coding.

If you would like to know more, feel free to check on micro:bit’s latest press release post “Micro:bit Small-board Computer Launches in U.S. & Canada to Inspire Next Generation of Students”.

It’s worth mentioning you that you can also find Micro: bit on Seeed Bazaar.