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If you are looking for a good PCB manufacturer, as a one-stop prototype services manufacturer with 9 years’ experience, we are committed to providing you with the best PCB & PCBA product at the most competitive prices that we want to recommend ourselves to you, the review below from Seeed Fusion users will help you figure out whether we are the one you’re looking for.

We love to hear from our customers. If you are a Fusion customer and would like to give us some feedback either good, or where we have room for improvement then please let us know in the comment.

Below are a small fraction of Seeed Studio PCB service reviews for our customers.

I was skeptical of what i’d get for $0.49/PCB, but Seeed Studio surprised me. I placed my order on Monday, August 29th. The order changed to production status the next day and I surprisingly received DHL shipping notification on Thursday, August 31. DHL delivered boards on Monday, Sept. 4. 7 days from order to delivery!
The service was easy to use. I especially appreciated the DRC rules files provided and the CAM script, which pretty much guaranteed successful submission of files.
Looking at the quality of the board, i’m also impressed given the low cost of the PCBs. Silkscreen registration is off slightly, maybe 2-3mils to the right, but nothing egregious like silkscreen on copper. Soldermaks looks good (i went with black soldermask and white silkscreen). Looking at the silkscreen under a scope, I can see the dot matrix, but to the naked eye, it looks great. Consistent across the board. Drills are decently centered on pads, vias look good, Non-plated drills are also clean, Copper under soldermask looks smooth and even. No shorts or other obvious manufacturing problems. Board outline was nicely routed, accurate and smooth.
I’ll definitely go back to Seeed Fusion again.

Just got my first order in from Seeedstudio’s new reduced price pcb service.
10 boards, $4.9 USD, about three & 1/2 weeks from sending in the gerbers. No complications, straight forward process, and the quality is fine. Service is dirt cheap if your boards are small (under 10x10cm).

I’ve used them for a small double layer board. It cost me almost nothing, and the quality was great.

So would I use Seeed Studio Fusion again? Definitely! I really liked their web site and being able to preview my PCB before placing the order. Fabrication time was good and shipping even faster.

The ordering process can be a bit confusing with all the extra options, but it also allows you to get some more advanced pcb’s made, if that is what you need. From ordering until they were shipped was also a very reasonable time.

Quality of the PCB is really good and price/quality ratio is hard to beat. I like the fact that you are not limited to the green color for the cheapest price tag: green, blue, red, yellow, black, white, they all cost the same and for a standard board under 10x10cm and 2 layers the price starts at USD 4.90 (USD 12.90 lead free) for 10 pieces!!

@seeedstudio Just joined twitter to tweet @ you that my boards arrived, and they are amazing quality!

Seeed Studio offers a wide selection of electronic modules as well as affordable PCB production services (called Seeed Studio Fushion). Whether you need only 5 boards or 8,0000 boards, Seeed Studio Fushion offers excellent prices and quality. They also offer affordable 3D printing prototype services.

Used the PCBA service, I’m very impressed with the quality of the PCB and the soldering work. It’s spotless and exactly per spec. Absolutely amazing for the price I paid ($55 for 10 boards). Really great service and amazing price!

We are happy we made our PCB with this company! They are fully functional and designed perfectly for our own product! Thanks to Seeed Studio.

I absolutely love Seeed Studio’s PCB prototyping service, which they call Fusion PCB/PCBA! In my experience they have the fastest turnaround and western facing shipping of any of the others I’ve tried over the years. Coupled with online instant pricing, including live Gerber view and I reckon y’just can’t go wrong.

I come back with Seeedstudio PCB manufacturer to order the boards, using their Fusion PCB Service. As always, easy process to ordering, many colours and thickness to choose, good manufacturing and shipping time. And of course, e-test for the boards. Like with the old board, I’m very happy with the result of the boards

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