Hey Seeekers,

We’re so excited that Seeed is TEN now!!! It’s a good time to launch give-back campaigns to every one of you from the whole community who’ve shared, tinkered, created and grown with Seeed from all around the world. Currently, we’re running a bunch of #Seeed10 Thank You Sales with our Bazaar & Fusion products and services.

And now, here comes a FREE Trip to Shenzhen!!! I mean an All Expense Paid Trip for Round Trip Tickets, 4-Night Accommodations and a Tour to Seeed HQ at x.facotry!!!

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It’s true that Shenzhen is the city of hardware, supply chain & manufacturing, aka. the Silicon Valley of Hardware. Shenzhen has also witnessed the development of Maker Faire Shenzhen, where a lot of cool makers, innovators gather to make & share. So, who wouldn’t want to enter for a chance at getting a closer look into the city on an all expense paid trip?

Then you might ask how to get the FREE Trip?

Share Your Memory with Seeed to Win a FREE Trip 

Simply share your memory post with us on Facebook/Twitter during August 1st and August 15th, 2018. It could be a photo of your first Seeed products, or a picture you took when you visited us, or any suggestions that could help us do better. Make sure to include the hashtag #Seeed10 and @Seeed Studio in your post. The most thumb-up’ed story owner (either on Facebook or Twitter) will get the free trip!

To make it clear, here is an great example from our lovely #TinybutStrong Violet:

Seeed Memory Violet

What’s your story with Seeed?

Share with us on Facebook&Twitter. We would love to read every single one!!!


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