New Project Hub Launch with Hackster

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a maker who has created cool projects would want a user-friendly Project Hub to share them and inspire the whole community. We had Seeed Recipe for all Seeekers to upload project instructions and tutorials, but it was not user friendly enough. We have recognized our community’s concerns and we’re striving to improve!

Project Hub (for blog)

We’re extremely happy to announce Seeed has partnered with, the world’s fastest growing developer community for learning, programming, and building hardware (also an almost perfect one regarding user experience), to create a Project Hub on Seeed’s website. We invite everyone to join and share your cool projects with this vibrant community!


We’ve imported all projects onto this newly-launched Project Hub that were previously on Seeed Recipe. Now your projects are shown both on Seeed Project Hub and Hooray!


Here is some guidance for your reference:


  1. If you have posted projects on Seeed Recipe before, you can log in with your previous Seeed Recipe account to claim your projects on our new Project Hub.


  1. If you haven’t posted any projects on Seeed Recipe before, why hesitate? Register for your free account now and make it shine with your creativity!


  1. If you’re existing account shares the same email address as your Seeed Recipe account, upon logging in a pop-up message will ask whether you’d like to link these two accounts. See pictures below:

link projects

  1. If your existing account and Seeed Recipe account do not share the same email address and would like to link them, please email [email protected] and ask for assistance.


While in the testing stage of this Project Hub, we also partnered with Hackster to launch an online contest for Earth Day in April. We chose 15 winning projects from the 60+ projects collected during the 1-month contest. The top prize was 1 round-trip and 4-day accommodation to Maker Faire Shenzhen this year. Other prizes included an Amazon Echo and Seeed environment packs.


There will be more contests coming, together with very awesome and inspiring projects in the future. We are looking forward to hearing your voices and seeing your creative projects in the Hub. You never know who and what changes you can inspire!



August 2018