All New Grove – Switches on #newproductsTuesday

Hey Seekers!!!

Welcome to the first Tuesday of September and we are so excited!!! Today we will be releasing 3 new Grove – Switch modules. They will be the Grove – Mech Keycap, Grove – 5-Way Switch and the Grove – 6-position DIP Switch. So, let’s have a look at these new Grove – Switch modules.

Grove – Mech Keycap

    • Has a MX blue mech keyswitch
    • Has a cycle life of 2 million times
    • Equipped with an RGB LED under the switch
    • Has a Plastic Keycap
  • Allows more input and interaction options for Seeeduino projects

Grove – 5-Way Switch

  • Has a joystick-like interface
  • Comes in a very smaller package
  • Suitable for applications that require joystick or different way of input

Grove – 6-Position DIP Switch

  • Ability to control 6 different outputs with one Grove connector
  • Comes in a compact package
  • Suitable for multiple switch control systems

So don’t forget to watch this video and find out the cool different things that you will be able to do using our new Grove – Switch modules.

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