Dust and noise caused by construction in the city have a huge impact on the surrounding environment and the life quality of the neighborhood citizens. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more city constructions are applying IoT technologies to monitoring air pollution caused by the construction and seeking solutions to deal with this issue.

Construction site of East River Star

East River Star is a commercial residence developed by Vanke, one of the biggest real estate companies in China. The residence is located in the center of Dongguan City, with many buildings under construction. In order to monitor the real-time environmental data in the construction sites, Vanke turned to Seeed for a smart environmental monitoring solution. The initial requirements of the solution establish the necessity of an easy-to-deploy, self-powered solution with sensors.

The monitoring system integrates 5 #Grove sensor nodes to measure the following parameters, including PM2.5, PM10, air temperature, noise and relative humidity.

The sensors gather data from the environment and send it via Nodes to the Gateways, and eventually to the cloud. And the end customers could access the data easily through a webpage or an app. On August 25th, 2018, the smart environment monitoring solution was deployed in the construction sites.

The ready-to-deploy system

A worker is mounting a monitoring system onto a wall in the construction site with 4 screws.

A system installed

Data presentation on the mobile app

Sensors can be placed anywhere so each constructor can choose depending on the needs. Getting the real-time information about environmental data and predicting to reduce environmental pollution caused by the construction are just some of the improvements that city constructors can apply in their strategies for construction site management.

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