Introducing ArduinoCore-k210 v1.1

Based on kendryte-standalone-sdk, we added the full ArduinoCore-API interface to support Arduino IDE, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and other development environments. With the support of the ArduinoCore-k210, all k210-based development boards can run Grove Arduino Library and many excellent Arduino libraries in the community of Arduino.

After the release of v1.0 for ArduinoCore-k210, we received a lot of feedback, and we will continue to improve the software based on the information you have feedback. We are excited to share with you what we updated for ArduinoCore-k210 v1.1. Also, after the v1.0 release, we released the Grove AI HAT for Edge Computing and now it is available for pre-order now.

Based on the feedback we collected from the forum, we added a microphone, 3-axis accelerometer to the previous prototype of Grove AI HAT for Edge Computing, and optimized many power and hardware settings. However, the price is only at $28.9 and it is only $24.5 for pre-order. (After preorder it will back to $28.9)

We have further optimized the user experience of the software, and we hope that beginners of the Arduino Uno/Arduino Zero will be able to get started with our hardware without complex learning process because the software we provide is the Arduino interface you are familiar with, however, the hardware is brand new, adding more playability and exploratory.

Let us take a look of the updated contents of ArduinoCore-k210 v1.1:

  • Add Serial1, Serial1 is also HardwareSerial port;
  • kendryte-standalone-sdk is updated to V0.5.5;
  • Pin_map supports latest hardware version;
  • Rewrite PWM function;
  • SPI Support Master and Slave mode.

Below is a simple example to use the ArduinoCore-k210 v1.1 to process audio and how to use it.

use the ArduinoCore-k210 v1.1 to process audio

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May 2019
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