Grove Shield for Particle Mesh on #newproductsTuesday

Hey Seeekers!

It’s newproductsTuesday. This week we are excited to bring you the Grove Shield for Particle Mesh.

The Grove Shield for Particle Mesh is a Particle Mesh breakout board with Grove connectors onboard and it will allow you to connect hundreds of Grove modules to the Particle Mesh and build your next cool projects!

Particle Mesh is a mesh networking technology built on Thread, and designed to connect the spaces in between existing Wi-Fi and cellular deployments with local networks that are low-cost, secure, and ultra-reliable.

There are three hardware development kits powered by particle mesh on our bazaar and they are the Particle Argon, Particle Boron and Particle Xenon.

These dev kits aren’t just connected to the Internet—they’re gateways to the Internet. With Particle Mesh, each dev kit creates local wireless networks that other devices join to help collect sensor data, exchange messages, and share their connection to the cloud.

The Grove Shield for Particle Mesh will allow you to realize your next IoT projects with ease by utilizing the Grove Ecosystem.

This shield has 8 Grove connectors onboard:

  • 3 Grove analog connectors, 2 analog pins each, 6 analog pins in total
  • 2 Grove digital connectors, 2 digital pins each, 4 digital pins in total
  • 2 Grove I2C connectors
  • 1 Grove UART connector

Here is a hardware overview of this product:

So that is it for this week’s product release. Hope you guys liked it! Stay tuned for more products that will be released in the future!

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