Sipeed Artificial Intelligence Modules are now Available in the Seeed OPL!

For the maker community, artificial intelligence (AI) no doubt offers a treasure trove of promise and possibilities waiting to be uncovered as projects based on AI abound. From smart home devices to smart cars and drones, AI has become much more pervasive in our daily lives and will play an even major role in the coming years.

Sipeed’s range of AI modules enables us to embed AI into existing IoT devices. It is designed for low power AI processes including face detection, object recognition and imaging capabilities at the edge. As an authorized Sipeed reseller, Seeed have been providing makers with Sipeed peripherals and modules on the Seeed Bazaar for their AI needs. But because we want to make integrating projects with AI more convenient for makers and developers, we are making Sipeed MAIX modules available directly for the Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly (PCBA) service as well. Thus, it gives us great pleasure to welcome Sipeed into the Seeed Fusion family!

The Seeed Fusion PCBA service was mooted with the aim of helping our customers overcome the hassle of sourcing all the components on their own and soldering them by hand. No matter how much care is put into assembling the device, makers are often still plagued with problems like incorrect parts or out of stock components. With Seeed’s strategic location in Shenzhen, the world’s manufacturing hub, we are able to procure the necessary components rapidly from renowned component distributors like Digikey and Mouser, and deliver a complete device to our customers. By choosing all parts from the Seeed Open Parts Library (OPL), the entire PCBA production time can be reduced to as little as 7 working days.

The Sipeed MAIX-I module WIFI module (left) & The Sipeed MAIX-I module non-WiFi module (right)

Sipeed is now part of the components available for you to choose from in the Seeed OPL. The Sipeed modules currently available are the Sipeed MAIX-I module WiFi and Sipeed MAIX-I module non-WiFi modules. The wifi module has an ESP8285 wifi chip which can be used just like an ESP8266. But since the ESP8285 has the flash memory built inside the chip, it comes in a much smaller size and complements the square inch module’s small footprint.

To select them from the Seeed OPL, simply add the Seeed SKU under the MPN/Seeed SKU column of the Bill of Materials (BOM). Then upload your BOM and the PCB files onto the Seeed Fusion PCBA online order page, and it will give you a quote within a matter of seconds. For more details on how to prepare the BOM file for the Seeed Fusion PCBA orders, visit the Fusion service FAQ. Seeed Fusion updates the Seeed OPL regularly, so stay tuned for more new components and modules.

And because Seeed Fusion is committed to making hardware manufacturing more affordable and accessible for everyone, we currently are offering the service with absolutely no assembly cost for up to 5 boards. Save as much as 80% on the usual price by just purchasing the materials. Seize this opportunity to experience the convenience of integrating AI and IoT with the turnkey Seeed Fusion PCBA service today!



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    1. Hi Michal
      Navigate to Seeed’s Fusion webpage and click on the “OPL” tab. Or you could also click here.
      Then click on the “Seeed OPL” tab. Under the search bar, type “Sipeed”, and the two modules would appear. Let us know if you still experience problems!

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