Introducing the x86 Intel-based Single Board Computer That Runs Windows 10 – ODYSSEY X86J4105

With many single board computers out in the market currently like the popular Raspberry Pi 4, you can now easily now build your own credit-card sized computer or laptop and many other projects like a NAS server with these boards at a very affordable price. However, many of these boards currently are powered by ARM processors.

What is the difference between x86 processors and ARM processors?

x86 processors come from the CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computers) architecture while the ARM processors come from the RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) family.

As you can tell from the different families they come from, ARM processors keep the number of instructions as few as possible and as simple as possible while x86 processors are more complex.

With simple instructions, ARM processors normally require more instructions to do tasks which results in an increase in memory consumption and longer execution times. For x86 processors, as their instructions are complex, they are more focused on performing complex tasks with a large amount of flexibility.

Back to the topic…

Now we know the difference between x86 processors and ARM processors, we decided to use an x86 processor which is a 32-bit processor and integrate it into the a Single Board Computer to allow it to be able to perform more complex operations and build a powerful platform with strong processing capabilities.

Without further ado, let us introduce our very own x86 SBC, the ODYSSEY X86J4105!

ODYSSEY – X86J4105800 Most expandable Win10 Mini PC (Linux and Arduino Core) with 8GB RAM

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ODYSSEY – X86J4105 redefines the SBC (Single Board Computer) with pre-installed Windows 10 Enterprise and Arduino Coprocessor onboard, enabling IoT (Internet of Things) easier than before.

ODYSSEY is a series of SBC (Single Board Computer), allowing you to build Edge Computing applications with ease. The ODYSSEY – X86J4105, is based on Intel Celeron J4105, a Quad-Core 1.5GHz CPU that bursts up to 2.5GHz. It has all the great features that a standard Computer needs, including an 8GB LPDDR4 RAM, 64GB eMMC Storage(optional), onboard Wi-Fi/BLE, Dual Gigabyte Ethernet Ports, Audio Input and Output, USB Ports, HDMI, SATA Connectors, PCIe, etc.

With simple connections to Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor to ODYSSEY – X86J4105, you will get a Desktop Mini PC right away. With eMMC versions, you even have the Windows 10 Enterprise pre-installed!

Not to mention, the Odyssey X86J4105 is also compatible with our Grove Ecosystem, allowing you to plug and play with sensors and actuators and creating your very own IoT projects easily and quickly without any soldering or jumper wires.


ODYSSEY – X86J4105
Processor Intel® Celeron® J4105 (Frequency: 1.5 – 2.5GHz)
Coprocessor Microchip® ATSAMD21G18 32-Bit ARM® Cortex® M0+
Graphics Intel® UHD Graphics 600 (Frequency: 250 – 750MHz)
Memory LPDDR4 8GB
Storage 64GB eMMC V5.1
Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac @ 2.4/5 GHz HT160 & Bluetooth® 5.0
Networking Intel® I211AT PCIe Gigabit LAN, Supports Wake-On-LAN, Supports PXE

Applications of the x86 Single board Computer

With ODYSSEY – X86J4105, you can build your own NAS (Network-Attached Storage), your high-performance Virtual Router, or a 4G LTE Gateway in your IoT applications. There is an onboard ATSAMD21 Core, an ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU that allows you to program Arduino on the x86 platform. The Raspberry Pi compatible 40-Pin allows you to use hundreds of Pi HATs in the market. All of these features providing endless possibilities of using the ODYSSEY – X86J4105.

The ODYSSEY – X86J4105 is more than just a computer, with the Arduino Co-processor onboard, it can be used to connect with sensors, gyroscope, and much more. You can also use the ODYSSEY for your robotics projects, media center, server cluster, IoT Gateway, router, etc. Why don’t you start exploring your IoT journey with the ODYSSEY today!

Odyssey – X86J4105 vs Other SBC


Compared to many other x86 SBC out there, the Odyssey series CPU performance is one of the highest at its price as it is powered by the Intel® Celeron® J4105. Not to mention, it has a ATSAMD21 32 Core ARM Cortex-M0 coprocessor onboard which most boards out there are missing.


Powered by Intel Wireless-AC 9560, the Odyssey X86J4105 offers a max speed of 1.73 Gbps for your wireless needs. This speed is around 2x or 3x the amount of any x86 SBC out there.


The Odyssey has a few extra peripherals that other boards do not have. For example, the Odyssey has a SIM card port and also a SATA III (6.0Gb/s) port where you can use it to build yourself a NAS server. Not to mention, the Odyssey has both Arduino and Raspberry Pi programmable pins!


At this price point, the Odyssey is considered one of the cheapest x86 SBC out there in the market whilst offering superb performance and features.


What do you think of Seeed new Odyssey series? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments down below!

Interested in the Odyssey X86J4105? Get one for yourself now!

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