Wio Terminal:A Look Back to Last Week #6 – Community Project Collection, Complete Source Code of the Initial Firmware, Enclosure Dimensions Updates, and Wio Terminal Chan Design Files

Updates for Wio Terminal; ) This week we have some really awesome projects from the community, and there are also many useful resources for everyone to develop their own projects. Let have a look together!

  • Community Project Collection
  • Complete Source Code of the Initial Firmware (Retro Gaming)
  • Wio Terminal Enclosure Dimensions Updates
  • Wio Terminal Chan Design Files

Community Project Collection

Since the release of Wio Terminal, we have seen many creative projects from the community. There are artificial nose that can discern different kinds of rum or scotch, simple but cost-effective pulse oximeter, TV remote controller, weather forecast system, and many practical demos, and you can also find people trying Tinygo and Machine Learning on Wio Terminal and making great progress. We have collected various projects in this post, and hope some of them will inspire you!

We will keep updating this project collection, and if you also make some awesome projects using Wio Terminal, don’t hesitate to @seeedstudio on Twitter or leave a comment!

Complete Source Code of the Initial Firmware (Retro Gaming)

We have released the initial factory firmware of the Wio Terminal, Now you can enjoy playing retro gaming using Wio Terminal again! By the way, how much score you got in this game?

Wio Terminal Enclosure Dimensions Updates

It surprised us that so many users are cutting the case of their own Wio Terminal or designing new cases, so we released the enclosure dimensions which may save your time and improve accuracy for DIY. PDF version can be downloaded here:

Wio Terminal Chan Design Files

You might still remember this little character, the Wio Terminal Chan, on the protecting films of the LCD screen. We share the design file of it and hope you like it. Feel free to download the AI files and apply them to your projects!

Haven’t get started with Wio Terminal yet? Buy one now at Bazaar (so bad that we only have limited stock now and the next batch will be available in June), and feel free to ask any question at our forum!

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