New Product Post: Industrial pH Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor, EC Sensor and More

New products post introducing industrial sensors that monitor parameters of water level, liquid level, water leak, soil moisture, temperature, EC and pH, as well as louver box for protecting sensors in the outdoor environments.

In the previous New Product Post, we introduced our newly-released IIoT (industrial IoT) product series: SenseCAP LoRaWAN gateways and sensors, which are currently available in EU868MHz and US915MHz frequencies. Within 2 weeks of the release, some of the sensors have been sold out, and we are in the process of restocking. Thank you very much for your patience in waiting ❤️

We’ve got feedback about many different needs of various products, including soil and water monitoring and leak detection, etc. To meet these needs, we are releasing several industrial sensors for detecting water leak, monitoring pH level, liquid level, soil moisture, soil temperature, and salinity level. And a louver box is also provided for you to protect your gas sensors in outdoor environments.

Without further ado, let’s have a quick look at these new industrial IoT products.

pH Meter/ Sensor Modbus-RTU RS485 & 4~20mA Current (S-pH-01A)

This industrial-grade pH sensor comes with Modbus RTU-RS485 protocol and 4~20mA output current. It features ATC (auto temperature compensation), low-power-consumption, and high integration. It can be widely used in monitoring pH levels in soil and water applications such as agriculture, gardening, horticulture, swimming pools, scientific experiments, and other environmental monitoring scenarios.

Soil Moisture & Temperature Sensor MODBUS-RTU RS485 (S-Soil MT-02A)

This industrial-grade MODBUS-RTU RS485 Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor features high accuracy, reliability, stability, and durability. It can be widely used in monitoring soil moisture and soil temperature in professional application scenarios such as water-saving irrigation, greenhouses management, and golf turf management, etc.

Soil Moisture & Temperature & EC Sensor MODBUS-RTU RS485 (S-Soil MTEC-02A)

Soil moisture, temperature, and salinity, these three parameters are important indicators of soil fertility and health, which ultimately affects the plants. It’s important to get access to the data of these parameters so that we will know what actions are needed to ensure plant health and higher yield. This industrial-grade 3-in-1 sensor is IP68 rated, featuring high accuracy, reliability, stability, and durability, widely applicable in soil and water application scenarios.

Water Leak Detector

This industrial-grade water leak detector is IP66 rated, featuring waterproof, dustproof, and robustness. When detects a leakage, it will be triggered to turn on the alarm system or shut down the equipment, to ensure safety, lower risks, and minimize damages. It’s suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and sump pumps, etc.

Liquid Level / Water Level Sensor

This industrial Liquid Level Sensor is designed with industry standards, for monitoring water level, oil level, and other mild-corrosive liquid levels. It incorporates stainless steel and insulated rubber, it is IP68 rated, suitable for application in severe environments.

Louver Box / Solar Radiation Shield for Outdoor Sensor Protection

This high-quality Louver Box/ Solar Radiation Shield is designed to shield sensors from solar radiation and precipitation, to ensure data accuracy. It’s applicable for different sensors, such as air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, CO2, NO2, PM2.5, PM10, and other gas sensors.

That’s what we have for this new product post in the industrial IoT category. Stay tuned for more updates!

We are constantly releasing new products in the IIoT category to meet various industrial application needs. If you have specific needs of industrial IoT products that you’d expect Seeed to provide, please feel free to leave a comment here, post at Seeed Forum, or drop a line at iot[at]seeed[dot]cc.

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