Tackling Data Gravity with AI and Machine Learning at the Edge with Ergsense

Smart energy monitoring has seen monumental advances with the advent of the Internet of Things and the cloud. By monitoring energy consumption and trends in real-time, organizations have the information they need to optimize strategies for energy efficiency and deal with outages promptly. But the cost of transmitting, processing and storing such large amounts of data limits the coverage and carries heavy operational costs. The impact of such “data gravity” is a growing burden in the age of IoT, but developers are finding solutions with AI and machine learning at the edge, allowing systems to be lightweight and scalable.

One such solution developed by Energy Research Group, Ergsense, is the Detection and Tracking of Energy and Condition Trends System, or DTECTS, a complete software and hardware solution which utilizes state-of-the-art embedded machine learning and analytics at the edge to drastically slash transmission loads, processing and storage.

Developed by industry veteran and Ergsense founder Tomm V. Aldridge, the patented DTECTS KPI Event Vector (KEV) technology shrinks the data footprint by replacing conventional time-series data with compact KPI Event Vectors or KEVs. Based on years of industry knowledge on energy systems, DTECTS accurately discriminates meaningful events from a continuous data set and can describe an event fully using only 5 KEVs and a fraction of the bandwidth.

The DTECTS system processes the real-time data on the edge to extract useful data, or KEVs, that can be used to reconstruct the event on the cloud, without transmitting the entire data series. For example, a single KEV reporting at 15-second intervals costs only 0.2 cents a month based on typical AT&T cellular transmission rates, and with a snapshot report, which can fully describe the event, this increases to only 10 cents. Compared to $12 a month for time series data transmission, users can see a one to seven thousand-fold reduction in data transmission fees alone, that’s even before considering the savings on further data processing and storage, and the benefits of reduced latency.

Ergsense has begun to offer their EST (Energy Sensing and Trending system), allowing for quick installation and ease of use. This HVAC energy monitor tool provides real-time event tracking and visualisation for HVAC professionals. Each EST can collect data on three loads in single-phase systems or be used to monitor three-phase power with one remaining channel to monitor a single-phase load, useful for 1 phase to 3 phase VFD systems.

Ergsense Energy Sensing and Trending has been applied to HVAC for monitoring, predictive maintenance and selling efficiency upgrades.  Included capabilities include cost per day tracking, operational event tracking with alerts and detailed engineering data presentation. Read more at: (https://www.ergsense.com/energy-sensing-and-trending-system/)

Ergsense’s complete embedded DTECTS hardware, firmware and software solution is now available as a product development kit with an additional standalone module for remote sensing, D.Hat. These kits provide users access to the powerful DTECTS solution:

The D. Hat Product Development Kit (PDK) includes an Ergsense D.Hat board with DTECTS firmware, a Raspberry Pi 4 Module B, 128GB flash and an aluminum enclosure. Read more at: (https://www.ergsense.com/dtects-product-preview/)

The D. Hat add-on module Product Development Kit (PDK) includes one Ergsense D.Hat board with DTECTS preprogrammed, 128GB flash and a 3D printed case. Read more at: (https://www.ergsense.com/d-hat-add-on-module-for-dtects-d-hat-pdk/)

Both kits have a range of CTs, VTs and mounting accessories available and access to hardware and software resources and support. Ergsense also offers customization services as well as hardware and software development kits to tailor the solution to almost any situation.

Seeed Fusion is proud to collaborate with Tomm Aldridge and Ergsense for the hardware solution and are looking forward to the next phase with future D.Hat revisions and DTECTS solutions.

“As a longtime Seeed Fusion customer, the improvements that Seeed has made including to the supply chain, design rules and other options has convinced me to continue most of my projects with Seeed. The next revision of D.Hat will definitely be going through SEEED Fusion.”

Tomm has experienced first-hand the benefits of the free Design for Assembly (DFA) review for the Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly service. “The DFA review was very valuable and saved us time by catching the footprint error.”

With the Seeed Fusion DFA service, included with every PCBA order, Seeed engineers check every footprint dimension to assure accurate and efficient assembly. One incorrect footprint can lead to devastating delays and additional costs further down the line. Engineers will also review the design for common manufacturing pitfalls such as panel design and choice of surface finish, which could increase assembly difficulty and therefore increase costs and lead time.

In addition, Seeed Fusion have made significant improvements to the turnkey PCB Assembly service in direct response to clients’ feedback. This has seen the introduction of the Shenzhen Open Parts Library, a catalog of over 150,000 parts locally available at lower costs for faster and cheaper PCB assembly, and functional testing to maximize quality and yield.

With the unpredictability of chip supplies and rising costs, a strong supply chain and efficient manufacturing partner is vital to maintaining stocks on shelves and facilitate recovery from the pandemic. Seeed Fusion’s commitment to quality and extensive supply chain can help you achieve this as seen with the partnership between Ergsense and Seeed.

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