SLAMTEC RPLiDAR S2: New generation TOF radar with ultra-high standard sampling and precision for industrial scenarios

Compared with other series of laser scanners, we have introduced RPLIDAR from SLAMTEC with RPLIDAR S1 is more stable in detecting long-distance objects and direct-light objects can achieve ideal mapping effects within a 40-meter ranging radius for indoor and outdoor environments and are able to be expanded to more usage scenarios.

Aiming at adapting to more application scenarios and more industrial requirment, SLAMTEC team has upgraded the RPLIDAR produce line with the second-generation TOF radar, RPLIDAR S2. It has improved hardware performance and optimized software algorithms. From the perspective of product parameters, RPLIDAR S2 has obvious advantages in terms of the sampling frequency, angular resolution, and product size.


  • High-speed laser ranging sampling capability of 32,000 times per second
  • Non-contact energy and signal transmission technology
  • Reliable and stable operation for a long time
  • Coverage area with a radius of 30 meters on a two-dimensional plane
  • 360° omnidirectional laser ranging scanning
  • Excellent application in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Built-in speed detection and adaptive system
  • Cost reduction because there is no need to provide a complex power supply system 
  • The emitted laser power complies with IEC-60825 Class 1 human eye safety level

Compared with RPLIDAR S1, RPLIDAR S2 is a quasi-industrial TOF radar with an IP65 protection level. It has more stable and reliable ranging performance when detecting long-distance objects, switching between black and white objects, and strong direct light objects. At the same time, the compact size and excellent angular resolution also make it more widely used. RPLIDAR S2 adopts laser time-of-flight ranging technology, coupled with the high-speed laser acquisition and processing mechanism developed by SLAMTEC, which can perform 32,000 ranging actions per second. It uses non-contact energy and signal transmission technology, overcomes the life limitation of traditional lidar, and can operate reliably and stably for a long time. 

RPLIDAR S2 DTOF time-of-flight ranging technology uses DTOF (Direct Time of Flight) time-of-flight ranging technology to ensure that the measurement accuracy of lidar is excellent at any distance, and it can effectively detect low reflectance, specular reflection and even high transmittance.

DTOF time-of-flight ranging technology

Perfect compact size to embedded to Robot

The height of the scanning area on the top of the radar is only 18mm, which is small and easy to be embedded, which can greatly reduce the opening height of the robot radar area. When RPLIDAR S2 is installed in the robot, the overall appearance design of the robot will not be affected.

RPLIDAR product line specification comparision

Measurement PerformanceDistance RangeMeasurement ResolutionAngular ResolutionSample RateWorking Environment
RPLIDAR A1M80.15m -12m<0.5 mm≤1°2000 – 8000 HzIndoor
<1% of actual distance *
RPLIDAR A2M60.2m – 18m<0.5 mm≤0.9°2000 – 8000 HzIndoor
<1% of actual distance *
RPLIDAR A2M80.15m -12m<0.5 mm≤0.9°2000 – 8000 HzIndoor
<1% of actual distance *
RPLIDAR A3M1White object: 25 meters0.225°16 kHz or 10 kHzIndoor & Outdoor
Dark object: 10 meters
RPLIDAR S1White Objects: 40m3cm0.313°-0.587°9200 HzIndoor& Outdoor
Black Object: 10m
SLAMTEC MAPPER M1M120m5cm7000 HzIndoor & Outdoor
RPLiDAR S2White object: 0.05~30 meters3cm 0.12°32KHzIndoor & Outdoor with IP65 protection
Black object: 0.05~10 meters

Application Scenarios

  • The RPLIDAR can be used in the following application scenarios:
  • General robot navigation and localization
  • Environment scanning and 3D re-modeling
  • Service robot or industrial robot working for long hours
  • Home service /cleaning robot navigation and localization
  • General simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
  • Smart toy’s localization and obstacle avoidance

Framegrabber plug-in and RoboStudio SDK

In order to facilitate users to use RPLIDAR S2 in product development and speed up the user’s development cycle, Silan provides the Framegrabber plug-in in RoboStudio for testing and debugging and provides SDK under Windows, x86 Linux, and Arm Linux. Download here:

Framegrabber Plugin in RoboStudio

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