Bittle now supports remote control using mobile apps!

As Bittle grew more and more users, we found that the remote control alone was no longer enough to satisfy their whimsy. So mobile remote control APP came into being. You can download a different version of the APP on your Android phone or iPhone and plug into Bittle’s motherboard with a Bluetooth module. Then you can use the mobile APP to control Bittle.

You can download the IOS and Android versions of the software at the following links:

Android 4.4+


Connect to your robot

You need to plug the Bluetooth dongle into the 6-pin socket on the NyBoard. Pay attention to the Bluetooth dongle’s pin order. Long-press the button on the battery to turn on the robot’s power.

The LED on the Bluetooth dongle should blink waiting for a connection. Open the app and scan to connect the device with the name Bittle, Petoi, or OpenCat. Remember to open the Bluetooth service and grant the app access to the service.

If the Bluetooth is connected, its LED will light steady. The robot will play a three-tone melody. If the robot doesn’t respond or malfunction later, press the reset button on the NyBoard to restart the program on the NyBoard.

The App should automatically detect Nybble or Bittle with the latest OpenCat firmware. Otherwise, it will show the selections for Nybble or Bittle. The option can be re-visited in the control panel.

Use the control panel

In the control panel, you can use the pe-set buttons to control the robot.

For more detailed Settings and functions of the APP, please refer to the user guide.

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October 2021