NEW 24GHz mmWave Human Presence Sensor SUPPORTS ESPhome!

We’re excited to have a new member of the mmWave sensor series, 24GHz Human Static Presence Module Lite!

For detections, it can detect human presence, stationary, speed, distance, and also proximity, meeting various needs for different scenarios. It is also highly configurable for users to adjust parameters including detection range, motion trigger, and state change time. There is also upper computer software for real-time data visualization, which illustrates sensing parameters through real-time waveform images which makes data monitoring easier and more clear.

It comes with a much lower price at $6.9, having configurable parameters, a visualization tool, a 5m detection range, and a 90° horizontal detection beam. It also supports ESPHome, which is very suitable for smart home applications.

Visual debugging and configuration tools

Upper Computer Software for real-time acquisition and visualization of radar data, that displays sensing parameters through real-time waveform images which makes data monitoring more intuitive and clear.

WiKi Walk-through: XIAO ESP32C3 accesses Home Assistant via ESPHome service

This article will build a Home Assistant with human presence detection in combination with the most popular 24GHz mmWave Human Static Presence Module Lite, and also guide you through the installation of the ESPHome service in your own Home Assistant environment. By using the WiFi function of the XIAO ESP32C3, you will be able to connect your XIAO to the Home Assistant as part of your home terminal in a very smooth way.

Other mmWave Sensor Products

For a reminder, Seeed has launched several mmWave radar sensors for different applications: human presence, fall detection, vital sign collection, and sleep monitoring…Here is the comparison table of those mmWave sensors for easier selection, illustrating the functions and parameters of each sensor.

mmWave Series List

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  1. It is available for the much more affordable price of $6.9 and has a detection range of 5 meters, customizable settings, a visualization tool, and a horizontal detection beam that is 90 degrees. It also supports the ESPHome platform, which is an excellent option for applications related to smart homes.

  2. The computer program for real-time data visualization displays sensor parameters into waveform graphics, making data monitoring simpler and clearer.

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