Calling for Seeed Studio XIAO Community Projects

Share your XIAO-based projects with us, and we’ll highlight the most outstanding ones on our landing page, blog, social channels, and newsletters. This is your chance to inspire fellow makers and gain recognition for your creativity and hard work.

Hey community, just a piece of exciting news to share that we’ve updated our XIAO Series Landing Page to include as much cool info as we could (Yes, there are tons of cool projects, reviews, and many more from the community, thank you for that!). Since XIAO SAMD21, the first member of Seeed Studio XIAO, made its debut in late 2020, it has become one of the most popular smallest Arduino compatible development boards in the global maker community. By now, we already have 8 different members in this thumb-size but powerful series based on various popular chipsets of Microchip SAMD21, Nordic nRF52840, Raspberry Pi RP2040, and Espressif ESP32 (C3, S3, C6).

What's Seeed Studio XIAO

If you are still new to Seeed Studio XIAO, no worries. Here is a brief intro. The Seeed Studio XIAO Series is a collection of thumb-sized, powerful microcontroller units (MCUs) tailor-made for space-conscious projects requiring high performance and wireless connectivity. Embodying the essence of popular hardware platforms such as ESP32, RP2040, nRF52840, and SAMD21, the Arduino-compatible XIAO series is the perfect toolset for you to embrace tiny machine learning (TinyML) on the Edge. 

What You Can Create with Seeed Studio XIAO

As one of the most popular tiny size Arduino boards, the XIAO has been trusted by over 500,000 developers all over the world. They applied the compact size dev boards into wearables, robotics, healthcare, fitness tracking, anomaly detection, keyboards, and many more verticals. Here are some collections of the community projects and some review videos on how the community comments on XIAO.

Calling for More XIAO Projects

We invite the community to showcase your innovative XIAO-based projects! Whether you’ve created a unique gadget, an impressive automation system, or an insightful experiment, we want to see it. Share your projects with us, and we’ll select the most outstanding ones to highlight across our blog, social channels and newsletters, giving you the opportunity to inspire fellow makers and gain recognition for your creativity and hard work. 

Submit your XIAO-based projects today and become a part of our vibrant community of innovators!

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  1. Looking to start learning how to code, with a focus on eventual ML applications. I am learning and playing synthesizer music from both analog devices as well as digital and PC based digital audio workstations. To better learn I plan to use this interest in music to better reinforce my learning experience. I would like to share my learning journey and want to set up a way to collaborate with new and senior programmers to build some fun synthesizers with a library of sounds to work with and a way to share new idea and implement them as an education tool. Would love to involve other new learners from other fields of study, such as chemistry, astronomy etc., to show how multidisciplinary fields can work together on a collaborative goal guided by self interest.

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