WK5: New Products Overview


Many new products are released on this week.  Please have a quick look at and let’s me guide you to know what are they. 1) BLE Smurfs: Tiny BLE + 6DOF Mbed Platform It is a tiny Bluetooth Low Energy development board. It’s integrated with current measurement feature to provide real time energy consumption data,which is essential for developers to optimize software to design long battery life devices.  Also, It supports ARM Mbed cloud – based IDE, which makes prototyping and development extremely easy. 2) Grove-EL Driver It integrates a very small inverter to drive the EL Wire, so you can easily light up […]

Why UF0?not Arduino Uno!


Do you want to build device but not just prototype by Arduino? Stronger load capability, running bigger project, processing more data, flexible touch buttons set-up. Love Arduino Uno, and then love UF0 – an STM32F0 Cortex-M3, Arduino&Grove Compatible Platform. We do not like talk in a roundabout way, just give a direct comparison firstly. What […]

Meet the Maker: Jordan McRae


About Jordan McRae Jordan began his engineering career with Lockheed Martin Space Systems as an Algorithms Engineer on a distributed space robotics platform. In 2008, Jordan moved to Hong Kong to establish an R&D facility for Humdinger Wind Energy. As Humdinger’s Lead Aerospace Engineer Jordan also led the research and design of the Windcell Panel, a […]

Top 10 open source hardwares we productize at Seeed 2014


Crazyflie 2.0 a development-kit that flies – Get one The Crazyflie 2.0 is an open project, with source code and hardware design available and documented. The platform is designed with development in mind, implementing features to make development easier and faster, such as logging and real-time parameter setting and wireless firmware update. The complete development […]

Visualize your PCB in Fusion


A year ago we found out an online 3D Gerber Viewer which is created by Mayhew labs. We thought that is really cool and decided to see if can also make it for Fusion PCB. But at that time only several programmers in Seeed and they were working on other stuff. The developing Plan was suspended. […]

WK4: New Products Overview


Hey, markers and hackers, the new product overview is coming again. There are  multiple tools and useful accessories are ready for you on this time. Let we see what are they! 1) Foam Cutter-11cm with electronic transformer 2) Foam Cutter-16cm with electronic transformer 3) Foam Cutter-26cm with copper transformer Foam cutter contains 11cm, 16cm and 26 […]

New Products Overview

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We are back to work 2 weeks after new year’s holiday.  Seeedstudio has launched many new products over past weeks. Now, let’s count it what new products are  released. 1) GrovePi+ & GrovePi+ Start kit for Raspberry Pi GrovePi+ is a system with 15 Grove 4-pin interfaces that brings Grove sensors to the Raspberry Pi. It […]

Raspberry Pi and Its Emerging Alternatives of 2014

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By Eddy Hu The most successful open-source hardware projects to date came to Arduino, the micro-controller for DIYers and Raspberry Pi, the fully functional mini-computer. This article is going to discuss the Raspberry Pi and its competitive mini-computers emerged in the year of 2014, all of which are ARM-based, including pcDuino, Cubieboard, OLinuXino, Banana Pi, […]

New Product – We are running #Lua on #ESP8266 #NodeMcu


NodeMcu is an dev board enabling you use Lua script on ESP8266 on a higher Software Abstract Layer. Featuring an open-source firmware, it is also equipped with a development toolchains helps you burn the firmware, download the codes. Currently it’s friendly to Windows system, the creators are developing the cross platform dev kits right now. It […]