Simple Drag-and-drop Web Interface to program LinkIt ONE

One of our happy customers ,Fred Lin brings us a fresh combination on LinkIt ONE through “Let’s Make it!LinkIt ONE” , making BlokyDuino the visual arduino Programing Tool compatible with LinkIt ONE Board, That’s awesome!Let ‘s take a look at what he said.

I’m the author of BlocklyDuino, the visual arduino programing tool

BlocklyDuino enable people to use simple drag and drop web interface to program the arduino board. And the project has been used in a successful funded kickstarter project Lil’Bot,

I’m a happy seeeduino customer so I’ve made 15+ graphical grove modules as well.
Here’s a demo that I’ve done with arduino & grove sensors

I’d like apply for a linked ONE and groves modules to expand the capability of BlocklyDuino, once the module are made it could encourage more user to try linked ONE and use grove to build their own projects. ”

Thank you for sharing us with such a easy-friendly online progrming tool on LinkIt ONE ,Fred Lin

Join the creativity, build your own verse!

The Clapper

Clapper 1
By CaseyM2

You all remember the clapper from the 80′s “clap on clap off” right? I might not because I wasn’t alive yet…. but I have always known the tune. So I figured why not digitize it and recreate it with my Intel Edison.

Part list:
1. Intel Edison with Arduino breakout
2. Grove base shield
3. Grove microphone
4. Grove Led socket
5. Led (or other thing to activate)

Step 1 – Hardware
Clapper Step 1
1.1 This is a little bit more involved than just plugging in the clapper and clapping, but it is definitely more rewarding.
1.2 Start by inserting the Grove shield into the Arduino pin outs of the intel Edison – being careful not to bend the pins while putting it in.
1.3 Then Insert one connecter wire from the shield into the analog 0 (A0) pin and the to the microphone making sure the wire is indexed correctly
1.4 Next insert another wire into the digital 4 (D4) socket on one end and then the led connecter on the other again making sure the wire is indexed correctly
1.5 Insert your led into the socket on the connector lining up the flat side of the led with the flat side of the silk screen on the led adapter
1.6 That is it for hardware now to the software side.

Step 2 – Software
Clapper Step 2.1
Clapper Step 2.2

To talk to the Edison you need a special Arduino IDE that you can download here.

Once you have downloaded the IDE connect two micro USB cables to the micro USB ports on the Edison. Make sure the micro switch between the USB and micro USB is pushed towards the micro ports and that you apply power to the lower j3 port then the upper j16 port (just a good habit for using the Linux side).

Then select the Edison board and the last USB port that says cu.usb like in the pictures above and click the link below, this will take you to Github, and click on the clapper file. Copy and paste that code into the Edison IDE hit compile and enjoy your throw back to that clapper.
(clapper code)


What have you done with Stalker?

We believe you remember the probe in latest blockbuster “Interstellar”, which traveled light years to search for a new habitable world for humanity, a star with the mild temperature, liquid water and plenty of sunshine.

Have you ever made such kind of environment probes, especially wireless ones? We got you right here.

Stalker demo

* Event theme: Share your Stalker application demos
* How to participate: Post your Stalker application demos to forum, including Name & Description & Libraries(Programs) & 3-5 pictures Post Now!
* Duration: Submission – Dec 15-31, 2014; Selection – Jan 1-2, 2015
* Awards: 2 selective candidates will be awarded 1 of 2 as below.

Package 1
• LoNet – Mini GSM/GPRS/GPS Breakout
• Grove – Temperature & Humidity Sensor (High-Accuracy & Mini)
• Transparent Waterproof Seal Pot for Stalker V3
Package 2
• Wifi Bee V2.0
• Grove – Digital Light Sensor
• 1W Solar Panel 80X100
• Transparent Waterproof Seal Pot for Stalker V3

Winners’ products will also be presented on Seeed Blog, Wiki, Recipe, Facebook & Twitter.
Should there be any inquiries, please reach Jacket Chen via [email protected]

Seeeduino Stalker
Seeeduino Stalker is an Arduino compatible main board which helps collect data in an outdoor environment. It will be upgraded to an independent ecological system while plugging a solar panel, as well as wireless connection device while using with GPS, Bluetooth or Wifi Bees.

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Hi everyone, welcome to our forum. We sincere appreciate that you can come here and show your support to our community for so long. As we have known, there’re so many friends of you who are good at software or hardware and interested in open hardware in this community: you come here to search for solutions and solve problems for others, share knowledge with us. And Seeed can also get feedback from you; both your complaints and compliments become the motivation which courages us to move forward.
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bounty hunter

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