This is what I witnessed: People are making various shields and boards, which is expensive ran by someone alone. Not like the code in sourceforge which everybody can download and copy, open source hardwarer often stop to hesitate before PCB making.

However, most of the designs are contributed to the community under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike licenses. So, how about make and share the PCBs in an more effective way?

We are serving open source hardware, including prototype PCB capacity. We would like to host a new pattern to overcome the dilemma. The initial idea is like this ( open for suggestion now):

The initiator make a board (maybe own design or any work under open source license), get 5 pieces PCB for just $30, we share the manufacturing costs and produce extra. The extra PCB will be stock by us and listed on a very affortable price like 7-9$ with minimal shipping cost. (About 2-3$ flat rate). You may share the $30 with other people, end up getting an industrial standard one for less than 10$.

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