DSO Nano [v2] official leak

Sorry for not having this leaked earlier, because Seeed people prefer hotpot to bars…

What’s new?

1. Upgraded to semi-steel case for:

a Mechanical endurance

b Shielding of noises

c Easier assembly

2. Unibody PCB design for better reliability

3. Complete charging circuit with LTC4054 IC

4. Dedicate channel for signal generating.

5. Extra button for quick adjustment

6. Fixed battery connector

7. Compact dimension (95mm*62mm*13mm, 76g)

8. Updated software (something beyond v2.4 is on going)

Warning: This is not a brand new model but a major upgrade from previous Nano, firmwares are mostly compatible, accessories including the Contemporary Minimalism DSO Nano Stand are inherited.

Closer look:


DSO Nano v2 is a Digital Storage Oscilloscope designed for basic electronic engineering tasks. Within its smart shell, the device runs on ARM Cortex™-M3 32 bit platform, provides basic waveform monitoring with extensive functions. It equips 320*240 color LCD, micro SD card storage, portable probes, LiPo Battery, USB connection and signal generator. Due to palm size and handy performance, it fits in-field diagnosis, quick measurement, hobbyist projects and wherever convenience matters. Scheme and source files are also open for re-innovating.


  • l  Portable and lightweight
  • l  Color display
  • l  Waveform storage and playback
  • l  6 triggering mode
  • l  1Mhz Analog Bandwidth
  • l  Complete measurement markers and signal characteristic
  • l  Built-in Signal Generator
  • l  Accessories available
  • l  Open Source


Display Full Color 2.8″ TFT LCD 65K 320×240
Analog bandwidth 0 – 1MHz
Max sample rate 1Msps 12Bits
Sample memory depth 4096 Point
Horizontal sensitivity 1uS/Div~10S/Div
Horizontal position adjustable with indicator
Vertical sensitivity 10mV/Div~10V/Div (with ×1  probe)
0.5V/Div~100V/Div (with ×10  probe)
Vertical position adjustable with indicator
Input impedance >500KΩ
Max input voltage 80Vpp (by ×1 probe)
Coupling DCs
Trig modes Auto, Normal, Single, None, Scan and Fit
Rising/Falling edge trigger
Trig level adjustable with indicator
Trig sensitivity adjustable with indicator
Waveform Functions Auto measurement: frequency,cycle time, duty cycle,peak voltage, RMS voltage, Average voltage and DC voltage
Precise vertical measurement with markers
Precise horizontal measurement with markers
Signal Generator 10Hz~1MHz square wave
Waveform storage Micro SD card
PC connection via USB as SD card reader
Upgrade USB
Power supply 500mAh 3.7V Lithium battery / USB
Dimension (w/o probe) 95mm*62mm*13mm
Weight 76 gram

*Software related specifications are based on v2.4 firmware

A beta test batch is sent out to partners and active customers who kindly shared their opinions and suggestions in the post. Some extra (50-80) would be available in our depot from 18th (GMT-07).

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15 thoughts on “DSO Nano [v2] official leak

  1. Hi Robokarem. Thanks for your answer. I´m still unable to save signals in memory card. I try coping dat files in memory, but nothing happen. When Connecting DSO to PC, also is not possible to see the memory with MS explorer and the system ask me to format the disk. Any idea?

  2. Very eye catching, but I dont know how could it be helpfull for me with only one channel :\
    I would prefer more channels to large bandwidth/sampling rate.
    Also, some simple “data analyser” functions would be nice.

  3. Robokaren –

    Thank you for the response.
    I got lucky and was able to order the DSO Nano v2.
    So know I’m impatiently awaiting its arrival.

    I’ll keep you posted…

  4. M. Montoya –
    I think the only major change from the novice perspective is that the v2 has a better Lithium-Ion battery charging circuit.

    Otherwise they are essentially identical in terms of the firmware and function set, so you’re not losing anything by buying the DSO Nano while the v2 is still in beta.

  5. Antonio – make sure you create the waveform files on the uSD card first. The DSO can only write to existing files, it can’t create new ones.

  6. I have never owned an oscilloscope before, I am recently in need of one and I am in a debate between buying the DSO Nano or the DSO Nano v2? Aside from there appearances they seem to be identical. Which one is the best for a novice like myself? Please Help?

  7. Hi, really interested in Nano V2. Has the bandwidth now been increased to 1Mhz or is that the sample rate? Also interested in signal generator, is this still a fixed amplitude square wave only or is the output now variable? If not then I’d be interested in possibly adding this function along with a spectrum analyser and bode plotter for audio circuit design.

    Could you let me know when more units are available?


  8. I bought my first DSO 2 days ago. It seems to be perfect, but I´m having problems to save waveforms in the microSD memory. Pressing the M button to save the file, a legend “micro SD error” appears and nothing is saved.
    The memory is 1Gb and works properly if it is connect by an adapter to the pc.
    Any Idea of what I’m doing wrong?

  9. Hi. I am from Argentina, recently I bougth from ebay the DSO Nano. I am really happy with it. I am a Computer Engineer Student and for almost everything its wonderfull!.
    do you ship your products to Argentina?
    I will be very happy if you do that becouse i want to try the 2nd version of DSO!!!

  10. I have a question: Is this metallic shell electrically connected to the PCB? If it is connected to the ground this can be bad… there are situations where you would not want to touch with your hands the “ground” wire of the oscilloscope probe.

  11. Looks great! I’m going to buy one right away!

    I wish you had two channel monitoring, but I guess we can’t get everything! 🙂


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