Fusion PCB Service

In the year(Jun 2009) we provided 2-layer Fusion PCB service, which is highly welcomed by the community. Currently, the number of our PCB orders each month has surpassed 1000. Due to the sharp increase of PCB orders, we couldn’t process promptly, which led to the delay of PCB orders last year. We sincerely apologize for all the inconveniences occurred. To deal with this problem, we’ve adjusted PCB order process and optimized our IT system. After a series of efforts, we are delighted to see that our present PCB order process has been improved tremendously.

Average PCB shipping Time

Besides, we have pieces of great news about 2-layer Fusion PCB Service for you!  From now on, 100% E-test is totally free! And we also reduce the price of some large quantity order, like 30, 50, and 100.  What’s more, we also reduced MOQ: now you can order just 5 pieces to get started.


Now, let’s talk about today’s focal point—-4-layer Fusion PCB Service. Since providing 2-layer Fusion PCB service, we’ve received inquiries about 4-layer PCB constantly. Today, we are psyched to bring this service to you all! Our 4-layer Fusion PCB Service has the following features:

1.   Economical price: It only costs you $39.90 to start prototyping your own design. For some most common-seen PCB sizes, we could also provide generous discounts.

2.   Multiple quantity choices: About quantity, we provide 6 choices: 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100, to better meet your real demands.

3.   Multiple choices in thickness and colors.

4.   Totally free 100% E-test


Welcome to access the product page for more detailed information about this service.


Seeed defines itself as Open Hardware Facilitator, as always. We’ll continuously develop different services, to make prototyping-to-production process less difficult. We hope to help more and more makers, so that their ideas won’t be staying in the stage of prototype but become products. In this way, we can help the open source community develop better. If you want Seeed to develop the services or products that you need, welcome to post in our Wish platform.

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