The making of RPi B+ cases – mix way

Recently we designed a new case for RPi B+. This time we tried a different way mixing laser cutting with CNC.

Here’s the preview of this case: which is made up of 4 acrylic pieces. This is different with the cases you seen: if it is made using laser cutting, it is usually in 6 pieces; if it is made using injection – it’s better unibody. ^_^


The upper body of the cases is bended, thus creating a rounded rectangle shape effect. It looks so much like it is made using injection-molded case.



To make the case, you need following equipment.

Laser cutting machine

  • Common and affordable in hacker space
  • Cutting the holes for RPi connectors

CNC machine

  • you need special knowledge to control the monster
  • Drilling the T-holes to fasten two sides

And a special guest: Acrylic Strip Heater

  • super-duper-awesome tool
  • heating a controlled strip zone of plastic(acrylic), it will become soft and pliable


Laser cutting


The upper part is much bigger, you have to bend it to make it into a shell over the base later. Here’s how it look in real:


To make you understand properly, here’s a comparison before and after it is bended.


See?! That’s the “magic bullet” here. The base is much simpler with some holes on it.

屏幕快照 2014-08-13 下午3.24.36


You have to

  • drill a V-shaped slot where the plastic should be heated and bended
  • drill normal slot for two sides

屏幕快照 2014-08-13 下午3.24.42

屏幕快照 2014-08-13 下午3.24.53

You may need to repeat several times to determine the best parameter to make the cases really nice together.

Heating & bending


I didn’t take a photo for this process, here’s a picture i found on google

T-Acrylic on Heater


The iteration



We tried different types acrylic, I like the frosted one best!



The chamfered side on the base, we removed the possible sharp edges.


Fasten the plates with rivets.


The side is installed seperately: like adding the game cartridge to your old FC.




Holes are reserved. ^_^

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