Nowadays, electronic traders and agents are varied and numerous in the market. Everyone claim that their components are original and authentic. The fact is that some of supplier often shoddy and fake parts for their short-term profits gaining. So how can we identify false, second-hand and copies material?

PCBA components

Find a authorized agent

Today quality and price are uneven level of different agents.

We can check the agent is authorized or not through enterprise’s official website. We should purchase them through formal channels.

Normally, a qualified agent should control source. They ensure that it is real from original manufacturer. Seeed purchase all of materials from official channel like Digikey and Mouser directly.

Look into company reputation.

Generally, a good reputation distributor is guaranteed for their products . since it will take long time to establish their reputation and credibility. They will maintain brand influence, and not use counterfeit components. Seeed also sell products by word of mouth for all markers

Control incoming materials process

The most important step is to control incoming materials process and strictly inspect. Seeed will do inspection for every batch material and ensure qualified components for assembling.

IC is the key components in boards. But how we identified it is new one or re-new one?

Firstly, it can be identified by components surface.
If it is polished with old version part, there will be tiny scratch pattern on the surface when you look through it with magnifier. If it is cover up with paint on the surface, and it will look bright and no plastic texture.

Secondly, it can be identified by text.
Now some of producers use laser printer for text silk-screen. It looks clearly, non-conspicuous, and are hard to erase for characters. Normally, the text of re-new chip are printed fuzzy. You can find character edge dis-properly. These characters are offset, shades and color non-uniform. Moreover, many re-new chip is used stencil for re-printing. If you touch it, and it is easy to recognize that it is new one or re-new one.

Thirdly, it can be identified though components pins.
If components pins are shiny with tins, and it must be re-new one. The original components is like with silver power plated and its color is dark and uniform, it will not with oxidize scratch.

Fourthly, it can be identified by date code. The label is specific including product time on the bottom, and it should be consistent with device phase. If it is the re-new one , remark label are confusion.

Fifthly, it can be identified by measuring component thickness.
Many of printer laser print must polished components deeply, so thickness will be significantly less than the normal size. When you contrast them with caliper for measurement, it is hard to to distinguish if you are lack of experience. but if you look through device front edge, you will judge for polish parts. Because of plastic devices need use molding mold for injection, and the device must be rounded edge angle, and size is not big. If it is grinding into rectangular, the device must be re-new one.