Due to the high level of integration of this product, it must be used with a CM4 heat sink. Otherwise it may cause USB or Ethernet instability


A Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 is not included with this product.


  • Compact size (75x64x21mm) with rich I/O peripherals
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet connectors for soft router applications
  • Camera/ display connectivity using MIPI CSI, MIPI DSI and micro-HDMI interfaces
  • Onboard dual USB 3.0 with an additional USB 3.0 9-pin header for more external ports
  • Micro-SD Card slot to load system image for non-eMMC version of CM4
  • More Expandability via FPC Connector (I2C, SPI)
  • External fan support with fan power connector
  • Power using USB Type-C


The Dual Gigabit Carrier Board powered by Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 is equipped with Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and dual USB 3.0 ports, making it suitable for soft router applications, while keeping the hardware to minimal.

It features a variety of I/O peripherals such as MIPI CSI, MIPI DSI, micro-HDMI to connect displays/ cameras, a standard 9-pin USB 3.0 header for more USB expansion, a micro-SD card slot, and an FPC connector, while maintaining a compact form factor! This board is ideal for HTPC makers, Linux developers, software router enthusiasts, and the majority of regular Raspberry Pi users.

OpenWrt Supported

You can flash OpenWrt firmware after attaching a Compute Module 4 to this board and turn this board into a software router!

OpenWrt is an open-source Linux operating system which runs on embedded devices/ routers. It offers more features, performance, and security than a traditional router. It has a filesystem that’s fully writable and includes a package management system. You can make use of these packages to suit your applications in various ways. Once you connect this board to your home network and access the router from a web browser, you will be presented with a beautiful and interactive dashboard as follows.

You can navigate in this dashboard, and you will have access to a bunch of features such as:

  • Increase overall network performance when multiple devices are connected
  • Share files between devices via an external storage drive connected directly to the router
  • Increase network security
  • Run a BitTorrent client from the router
  • Connect a printer directly to the router to create a networked printer
  • Limit bandwidth usage of a particular device in the network
  • Active queue management
  • Real time network monitoring
  • Create Dynamic DNS
  • Set Up a VPN client or server
  • Block ads on the network
By utilizing the above features, you will have unlimited possibilities with this mini router!


Networking Dual Gigabit Ethernet Connectors
USB 3.0 to GbE
(Gigabit Ethernet Bridge)
Microchip's LAN7800
USB 2 x USB 3.0 Ports
1 x USB 3.0 9-Pin Header
Storage Micro-SD Card Slot (load system Image for non-eMMC CM4 version)
Camera 1 x MIPI CSI Connector
Display 1 x MIPI DSI Connector
1 x Micro HDMI Connector
FPC Interface for I2C and SPI
External Fan Power connector for fan
Power 5V/3A using USB Type-C Port
LAN7800 Industrial
Temperature Range
-40°C to +85°C
Dimensions 75x64x21mm
Weight 43g

Hardware Overview


  • Software Router
  • IoT
  • Smart Home
  • Camera Projects

Part List

1 x Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 


HSCODE 8543709990



This wiki explains how to install OpenWrt on Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi CM4 and ODYSSEY - X86J4125
Learn how to get started with the Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi CM4



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  1. Product Quality
    Works great
    This is a great carrier board with everything you need for your pi project.
  2. Product Quality
    Good build quality
    So far so good! Just need a nice case for it now :)


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