Seeed Office Mod. – Part 1

Eric Pan has started the story of moding our office. Now it’s my turn to finish this colorful story.

When we just moved into this new palace, there’s nothing on the wall. Even though the color is very different to a common office, but we still want to add more individuation to this place. Later we found a oganization  called: Homeland painter on, they do free paiting jobs for anyone who wants to add tatoo on their wall. And, yes! That’s what we need them to do.

These guys in the organization are from everywhere. Students, Designers, Salesman etc…  As doodle  is compelely forbidden in china, this is a way for them to leave their works on the wall. What a Win-Win result.

Everyone is curious to know the new looking of our office, but we still need some more patience.

Pick-up the bat and play table tennis. Almost everyone in china plays table tennis, this is almost the only sports when i was a kid.

Finished View.

Let’S get back to three month ago, what a contrast!

Office mod never ends. We are still adding more and more interesting effect into our space, i will let you guys know if there’s any progress!

To be Continued…

4 thoughts on “Seeed Office Mod. – Part 1

  1. haha, it’s our logo wall project and not be published.
    we call it Seeed touch wall.
    It is a 8×8 RGB matrix with touch.
    one RGB LED and one touch sensor per unit.
    it is already finished, and we will publish it in here(Blog)

  2. I’ve a question about the last picture with the LEDs tied to a board.
    How is that kind of board called? I search for sth. similar but I need a name i can hack into google 🙂

  3. Looks great, Fan! You’ve all done a good job keeping the cool ethos that you’ve always had, but without the clutter of the old place. I like the fact that you’ve had the walls decorated with unique images and colours. Just goes to show that you can be serious business-people, geeks and artists at the same time.

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