How To Choose Cameras For NVIDIA Jetson Nano And Jetson Xavier NX For Machine Vision

This week we released seven different cameras based on Sony IMX219 for NVIDIA Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX. Now you can simply start machine vision projects and experience better quality video capture within a cost-effective price from these cameras. Let take a quick look at which one do you need for the next computer vision project!

Compare with Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 also based on Sony IMX219, new cameras for Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX starts from a cheaper price at $18.90. The 8MP Infrared Night Vision Camera with 77° FOV with double IR LED modules only starts from $20.90. IMX219 cameras for Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX also include different degrees of Field of View (FOV) functions to help the camera image capturing avoid edge vignetting.

You can use the below table to compare the technical specification so that you can choose the best camera to meet your computer vision project needs.

8MP Camera with 77° FOV 8MP IR Night Vision Camera with 77° FOV8MP Camera with 130° FOV 8MP Camera with 160° FOV  8MP Camera with 160° FOV 8MP Camera with 200° FOV8MP 3D Stereo Camera Module
Diagonal Field of View (FOV)77°77°130°160°160°200°83°
IR LED ModulesNone2NoneNone2NoneNone
Focal Length2.96mm2.96mm1.88mm3.15mm3.15mm0.87mm2.6mm
Lens Construction4P4P4E+IR6G+IR6G+IR1G4P+IR/
BFL (Optical)1.16mm1.16mm1.95mm3.15mm3.15mm1.41mm/

What is Field of View (FOV)?

Field of view (FOV) refers to the range of angles at which the camera can receive images, and can also be often referred to as the field angle of view.

The imaging circle of the lens is usually large enough to cover the film or photosensitive element, however, if the imaging range of the lens cannot cover the entire photosensitive element, the imaging circle will be seen, generally accompanied by severe edge vignetting. The angle of view will be limited by the imaging range.

Taking the lens as the apex, the angle of the object image of the measured object that can pass through the two edges of the maximum range of the lens is called the field of view.

Different lenses according to the field of view

  • Standard lens: the angle of view is about 45 degrees, and the range of use is wide.
  • Telephoto lens: the angle of view is within 40 degrees, which can be shot at a long distance.
  • Wide-angle lens: the angle of view is more than 60 degrees, the observation range is large, and the image is distorted in the vicinity
  • Fisheye lens: viewing angle close to 180°

How does infrared night vision camera work?

The camera emits an infrared beam outward to illuminate the target and converts the infrared image reflected by the target into a visible light image for night observation
Night vision is mainly used for safety monitoring, monitoring driving vehicles at night, reconnaissance in dark places, etc.
The infrared night vision camera has clear imaging, which is not limited by illuminance.

Feel free to let us know what other more accessories you are expecting for Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX to accelerate your machine learning projects!

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