Hey dear friends, we’ve provided you a new product, a push button with OSH logo, making it a perfect accessory to show your geek style.

Push Button with OSH Logo

Thanks to Ian (from Dangerous Prototypes) for making this button accessible to you all.  Every time Ian comes to Shenzhen, he won’t skip a trip to HuaQiangBei Electronic Market, lol.  And last time when he came to Shenzhen, my colleagues went to HuaQiangBei with Ian’s team.

While talking with our button supplier, Ian proposed customizing buttons.  And our suppliers ensured that they could make customized push buttons for us.  That’s how this fancy cool push button with OSH logo came into being. Thanks again, Ian.

For more information about this push button, please refer to its product page.

And if you have any ideas or suggestions about new products/new features for some products/our services, welcome to tell us!  Oh, right, don’t forget our WISH platform.  New Year is just a blink away, time to make a New Year’s resolution.  Also, time to make a wish for the coming New Year!  The process of realizing a wish might not be that difficult.  Who knows?!

Have a wonderful day and Happy New Year!