Shenzhen, China (April 27, 2015) – Seeed Studio, the company provides accessible open-source hardware and agile manufacturing service for makers to grow inspirations into differentiating products, today announced the launch of Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel® Edison and Xadow Wearable Kit for Intel® Edison. Both of the two kits were co-branded with Intel Edison and designed to create a better ecosystem for the development board.

Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel® Edison – A functional kit to help explore and interact with indoor environment. Developers can plug up to 11 different Grove sensors and actuators quickly, including Grove – Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Grove – Moisture Sensor, Grove Light Sensor, Grove – UV Sensor and Grove – PIR Motion Sensor, which makes it perfect to create complete smart home applications with Intel Edison and Arduino Breakout Board. All the modules were packaged into a compact blue case, which can be also utilized as the work base.

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“The project codes will be updated constantly in a few days, so as to make it simple to operate even without any programming experience.” said Xiaotao Han, Product Manager of the kit. Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel® Edison is available online starting today for USD 79 at

Xadow Wearable Kit for Intel® Edison – Based on the wearable friendly – Xadow family, the kit includes an expansion board together with eight tiny and powerful Xadow modules, covering sensors, actuators, displays and communication parts, such as Xadow – Q Touch Sensor, Xadow – NFC, Xadow – Vibration Motor, Xadow – 3 Axis Accelerometer, Xadow – Barometer BMP 180 and Xadow – OLED. It also contains a full-color printed tutorial which enables to develop wearable devices with Intel Edison technology quickly.

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“The modules are in coin size and connections through flexible FFC make it quite suitable for wearable projects, such as to DIY your own pedometer, thermometer and NFC enabled devices.” Explained Nosk Wu, Product Manager of the kit. Xadow Wearable Kit for Intel® Edison is also available online starting today for USD 129 at


About Seeed Studio

Seeed Studio is a hardware innovation platform designed to inspire creative hobbyists, tech gurus, and artists from all ages. By working closely with technology providers of every scale, Seeed provides accessible technologies with quality, speed and supply chain knowledge. When prototypes are ready to iterate, Seeed helps productize anywhere from 1 to 1,000 pieces using in-house engineering, supply chain management and agile manufacture forces. Seeed has extensive partnerships with business incubators and investors around the world, with a global distribution channel to reach makers everywhere.


About Intel® Edison

The Intel® Edison development platform is designed to lower the barriers to entry for a range of inventors, entrepreneurs, and consumer product designers to rapidly prototype and produce “Internet of Things” (IoT) and wearable computing products. Learn more about Intel® Edison:

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