pcb mask color

Colors are an indispensable part of our lives, it represents a different meaning, For
Colors are the most important thing in our life, for electronic engineers, it is also a tool for distinguishing PCB (print circuit boards).

Let us learn somethings about PCB solder mask colors.

What are the effects of different solder mask color PCBs?
Actually there is no effect of finished product, the impact is on the ease of production of semi-finished products. Like, check the circuit and silk screen, distinguish the circuit and so on.

Why PCB is Always Green?
1. The price is cheap
2. Less irritation to the eyes
3. Easy to distinguish circuit

The advantages and disadvantages of PCB solder mask colors.
PCB color code #008C4A

1. In the SMT soldering, there has an AOI check, these processes are learning to optically calibrate the alignment, Green is better for recognizing instruments.

2. Green color makes circuit done with less error, can be done with higher accuracy.
3. Green is relatively environmentally friendly.

PCB color code #000000
Black is mixed with cobalt and carbon, with a certain conductivity, so there is the risk of short circuit. Black PCB is the hardest to see the circuit and the price is not cheap.

PCB color code #ECECDF
Most LED lighting is used in white, Seeed print black silkscreen on the white PCBs makes the boards look advanced.

PCB color code #4990E2
Blue is a good color for mounting an LCD against as your eye is not drawn away from the screen by bright background colors and sharply contrasting edges. Color blue makes the boards look really nice and clear.
Red and Yellow
PCB color code Red: #D0011B/ Yellow: #F6A624
No disadvantage of this Red and Yellow PCB. In fact, it is just as high as green so if you’ve got some beautiful routing to show off, your PCB is going to be like a work of art.

Seeed Fusion service provides 6 colors for free when your PCB is layer ≤4,dimension ≤ 10cm*10cm, Qty ≤ 10. If you want to tried different colors for your prototype PCB, then you should try Seeed Fusion Service.

fusion pcb

Seeed Fusion Advanced PCB also provide Purple and Matt Green colors, this is for high-level PCB, if you want your PCB like a artwork,that’s a really great choice.

advanced pcb