Top 5 Featured Seeeduino/Arduino Grove Projects of the Week – June 18

How’s your week? Here are the Top5 projects for this week. Including interesting applications and wonderful ideas related to autonomous vessels, vision recognition, home automatic, fantastic lighting effects. Hope you will find some inspiration.

1. Make an Interactive Color Matrix with Seeeduino/Arduino

by Violet李遂志Meilily LiShuyang Zhou

This is an interactive art project made by a Seeeduino 4.2 boards, fantastic lighting effect and easy to do!

Things you may need:

2. Autopilot v1.0 Road Sign Recognition

by memoryleak

This project used Pixy2 and Arduino to train a robot car to follow road signs!

Things you may need:

3. An Owl with Light-up Eyes

by Meilily Li

This project combined a lovely owl toy with the Grove – RGB LED Ring. You may find out to make two lighting up eyes for the owl could be very interesting.

Things you may need:

4. Pill Machine

by Team HA Geek: 陳亮Royry1031

What problems did you experience when you are taking medications? Late medication? Wrong times? Missed a dose? Taking the wrong medicine? Taking the expired pills? The Pill Machine can help you. 

Pill Machine

Things you may need:

5. Aquabots Autonomous Vessels

by keesp

This project will be showing you how to change a remotely controlled boat into an autonomous vessel, that can register itself to this client, using little more than an Arduino (Mega), a GPS unit and some time to spare.

Aquabots Autonomous Vessels

Things you may need:

How do you like projects for this week? If also you have awesome projects, please do not hesitate to share with us. Hope to see your projects here soon!

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