More Grove Sensors are supporting Edge Impulse to extend the Machine Learning path with Wio Terminal.

Gathering data, and creating a machine learning model is one thing; but You can now run your trained model in realtime on the Wio Terminal with Edge Impulse on the edge, running models without an internet connection with extra low consumption. With the help of Edge Impulse, you can even export your model as an Arduino library – to integrate it in your sketches – or as C++ source code – to integrate into your firmware.

We are starting to add more and more Grove sensors to support Edge Impulse so that you can extend the machine learning possibilities with Wio Terminal — this cute SAMD21 device!

Jan Jongboom is the CTO and co-founder of Edge Impulse. He probably owns more Grove sensors than you.

Seeed Wio Terminal supported by Edge Impulse (and it can sniff alcohol!)

Let’s take a look at what we added this week!

TFmini S LiDAR module – Short-Range is a distance sensor of LIDAR which can emit near-infrared ray and measure the phase difference between the emitting ray and reflected ray to calculate the distance through ToF. 

The Grove – SCD30 is a 3-in-1 Arduino sensor that can measure CO2, temperature, and humidity. Based on Sensirion SCD30, it is a Non-Dispersive Infrared(NDIR) carbon dioxide sensor with high precision and wide measurement accuracy. It would be a perfect choice if you are looking for a multifunctional sensor for your Arduino weather station or other environmental projects.

The Grove – 6-Axis Accelerometer&Gyroscope(BMI088) is a 6 DoF(degrees of freedom) High-performance Inertial Measurement Unit(IMU).This sensor is based on BOSCH BMI088, which is a high-performance IMU with high vibration suppression. The 6-axis sensor combines a 16-bit triaxial gyroscope and a 16-bit triaxial accelerometer. Specially, you can use this sensor on the drone and robotics applications in demanding environments.

Grove – DPS310 is a high precision barometric pressure sensor, it can measure air pressure change caused by height changes in the centimeter level.

We will keep updating more sensors for Edge Impulse in the following weeks. Stay tuned and let us know what do you need for your machine learning projects!

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July 2020