Toy hacking contest – Action Phase update

Here’s a quick report about the toy hacking contest. We have totally selected 12 applications. It’s a little bit more than our previous expectation since those ideas are really cool. We found many enthusiastic people here and we can’t let the good ideas gone.


We already shipped those customized toy’s kits out weeks ago. Up to date, most of them are finally reached the players. Basically, they have around one month to finish the project and submit the step-by-step instruction for evaluation that to win the final prize – $200 gift certificate. We expect that the winners will come out by the end of September.


Also, I got some messages from the players to share their project status here. One is from Hackerspace – XinCheJian, they received the toy kit at the end of last week and posted a blog to share their projects.

Two XinCheJian projects selected for the Seeedstudio Toy Hacking contest

August 19th, 2011 § 0 comments

XinCheJian Hackerspace, the first Hackerspace in China, is proud to announce that it has been accepted in the Seeedstudio Toy Hacking contest. We will receive two Grove kits for the purpose of hacking two toys from the OpenHardware company in Shenzhen. They are given us the opportunity of winning a 200$USD grand prize gift certificate and a 100$USD first prize certificate. Our entries to the contest will consist of two projects that will use as much as possible the various electronic components included in the kit.


The other message is from Javier. He shares his project on the blog, and also on the youtube. In the first video, he demonstrated how Twig – PIR motion sensor and servos working together on the Seeeduino board. That’s a good start, keep going!


By the way, we’re going to launch a ADK Dash Kit next week. It provides a modular solution to easily play with the ADK boards. It boosts Android devices with most mind-blowing functions like RFID, Range Finder, Relay, etc.. Also, we have designed a bran-new packing box to specially carring the products. Entertaining and nice!

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