Build Your Own IoT Applications with Acer Cloud Professor and Groves!

The electronics giant ACER has introduced a unique educational development kit – Cloud Professor at IFA 2015 in Berlin, which is a plug-n-play IoT starter kit aiming to take the sting out of programming cloud-connected devices.

The Cloud Professor kit contains an Arduino Uno board, a Grove – LED, a Grove – Light Sensor, a Grove – Dust Sensor, a Grove – Button as well as a variety accessories. Using mobile devices as input interface, anyone can conduct IoT remote control by simply following the tutorial kits by any popular programming languages such as Scratch, LiveCode, JavaScript, and C/C++.

DSC06615-640x427(The out-of-box overview)

Essentially, it’s an Internet of Things development kit that links into Acer’s cloud platform, allowing tinkerers to control various aspects of their connected device via a smartphone or tablet. Because that’s often a complex task (particularly for the younger age group the kit is aimed at), Acer is providing a set of apps that automatically communicate with the Cloud Professor module. This lets users concentrate on creating cool stuff, rather than mucking about with cloud protocols.


(A small robot demo controlled via the smartphone app)


Get started now with Cloud Professor’s easy and quick prototype making tool and go instantly on to the Acer Cloud. Simply plug it in and you’re ready to go! The kit is expected to go into market at the earlier 2016.

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