Sensing the Future: Unveiling the Power of Grove Sensors based on Sensirion’s chips for a Sustainable and Healthier World

In today’s fast-paced world, where our lives are intertwined with technology, it is crucial to prioritize our environment and the impact it has on our daily lives. As we strive for sustainable living and a healthier future, the need for accurate environmental monitoring has become increasingly important. This is where our Grove Sensors, leveraging the cutting-edge technology of Sensirion’s chips, play a pivotal role.

Air quality, in particular, has garnered significant attention due to its direct correlation with human health. Polluted air, laden with harmful particulate matter and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), has been linked to a wide range of respiratory ailments, allergies, and even cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, having the ability to monitor air quality in real-time can empower us to make informed decisions regarding our exposure to pollutants and take necessary precautions to safeguard our health.

Sensirion, a global leader in environmental sensing technology, has partnered with us to bring cutting-edge sensor chips to the Grove Sensor ecosystem. Sensirion’s chips boast unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and sensitivity, making them the perfect choice for monitoring environmental conditions. From air quality sensors capable of detecting even the tiniest particles to temperature and humidity sensors with exceptional precision, Sensirion’s chips ensure that Grove Sensors deliver superior performance.

In this blog, we will explore the diverse range of Grove Sensors powered by Sensirion’s chips. We will delve into the accuracy, key features, and applications of these sensors, shedding light on their in various applications such as air purifiers, indoor air quality monitors, demand-controlled ventilation systems and more. By understanding the capabilities of these sensors, you will be equipped to integrate them into your projects and contribute to a more sustainable and healthier world.

Gas Sensors

SensorsAccuracyKey FeaturesPrice
Grove -Smart Air Quality Sensor(SGP41)
VOCs: ±15%
NOx: ±50 ppb(at standard conditions)
Designed specifically for detecting air gas pollutants. Gas Index Algorithm processes two sensor signals to automatically activate air treatment devices without user intervention.$17.50
(New Release!)
Grove – VOC and eCO2 Gas Sensor(SGP30)
TVOC: ±15%
CO2eq: ±30 ppm
A multi-pixel gas sensor utilizes metal-oxide sensing technology that can detect various VOCs and CO2 levels. It provides a comprehensive analysis of indoor air quality.$17.50
Grove – Formaldehyde Sensor (SFA30)
Formaldehyde: ±20 ppb or ±20% m.v
Temp: ±0.2°C
RH: ±2.5%
Offers excellent formaldehyde sensing performance with a uniquely low cross-sensitivity to other VOCs.$54.00
Grove – CO2 & Temperature & Humidity Sensor(SCD41)
CO2: ±40 ppm
Temperature: ±0.8°C
Humidity: ±6%
Builds on the photoacoustic sensing principle and Sensirion’s patented PASens® and CMOSens® Technology to enable unmatched small sensor size combined with high performance.$52.90
Grove – CO2 & Temperature & Humidity Sensor (SCD30)
CO2: ±30 ppm
Temperature: ±0.4°C
Humidity: ±3%
Dual-channel NDIR technology to detect carbon dioxide concentration.$59.99

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Sensors AccuracyKey FeaturesPrice
Grove-I2C High Accuracy Temp&Humi Sensor (SHT35)
RH: ±1.5%
High Accuracy: Offers excellent temperature and humidity measurement accuracy.$13.95
Grove-Temperature&Humidity Sensor (SHT31)
RH: ±2%
Alert Mode: Allows to monitor the environmental condition (humidity and temperature) relative to programmable limits.$9.90
Grove-Temperature & Humidity Sensor(SHT41)
Temp: ±0.2°C
RH: ±1.8%
Ultra-Low Power Consumption: Operates with ultra-low power consumption, suitable for energy-efficient devices.$6.50
Grove-Temperature & Humidity Sensor(SHT40)
Temp: ±0.2°C
RH: ±1.8%
Fast Response Time: Offers a rapid response time for temperature and humidity measurements.$5.50

All-in-one Sensors

SensorsMeasurementsKey FeaturesPrice
Grove-SEN54 All-in-one environmental sensor
Particulate matter(PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4, PM10), VOC, humidity, and temperatureEnable straightforward integration into various applications(HVAC, Air Purifier systems, etc) due to its proprietary algorithms.$49.00
Grove-SEN55 All-in-one environmental sensor
Particulate matter(PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4, PM10), VOC, NOx, humidity, and temperatureIn addition to PM, VOC, humidity and temperature, SEN55 also detects NOx, if you want to detect harmful gases in real-time, this device can be easily deployed and used, for a way long time applying$55.00

In conclusion, the utilization of Sensirion-powered environmental sensors has proven to be instrumental in enhancing indoor air quality across a range of applications. Whether it is in air purifiers, indoor air quality monitors, demand-controlled ventilation systems, air conditioners, or filter monitoring devices, these compact and adaptable sensors have made a significant impact. With their ability to provide accurate and dependable measurements of diverse environmental parameters, these sensors enable real-time monitoring and effective control. By incorporating Sensirion-powered sensors, we can take proactive steps towards creating healthier and more comfortable indoor environments.

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