Winner of Rainbowduino Carnival 2010

Congratulation to sawomedia, The RGB LED Coffetable is the winner of Rainbowduino Carnival 2010!  Rngtng, robbles and siklosi won the 2nd prize! Prize for winners: 1st Prize: Giant 8X8 RGB Touch wall kit x1 plus Life time VIP Member certificate! 2st Prize: Giant 4X4 RGB Touch wall kit X1 Thanks again for all participators, we are […]

Rainbowduino Carnival 2010: Vote now!

A year been passed, and it is the time to vote again for your favorite Rainbowduino projects! This year we collected 6 awesome projects, let’s check them out! (Please vote at the bottom of the post. Poll expires on 25th, Jan) 1. Ze Invaders! Some details about this project: Hardware: 1x Arduino, 1x Rainbowduino, 1x […]

Previously on Rainbowduino Carnival 2009

Rainbowduino Carnival 2009 was first announced on Oct 27th, 2009, right after the first batch of rainbowduino were sold. Our purpose was to know what’s people doing with Rainbowduino? We wanted to gather all those inspirations and share them to our customers. One month later, we received 7 cool projects from our customers. It’s not […]

Rainbowduino Score Board Project

Our customer Daniel recently built a ‘Score Board Project’ using Rainbowduino. Let’s check it out: At work we have a Ping Pong table. It gets used almost every break and unfortunately I am never usually the winner. The most frustrating part of playing is that keeping score constantly leads to arguments that result in game […]