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SenseCAP S2100 LoRaWAN Data Logger Analog/RS485/GPIO

The SenseCAP S2100 Data Logger connects the sensor, collects the Data, and uploads it to the LoRaWAN gateway. It can support up to 100+ industrial sensors and 100+ grove sensors including various sensor types such as Analog/RS485/GPIO. It has a built-in battery and an IP66 enclosure, optimized for outdoor use cases that need reliable data collected over years. With Bluetooth 5.0 for easy configuration and firmware upgrade, It is also compatible with a wide range of frequencies(863MHz ~928MHz), different gateways, and LoRaWAN network servers.

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SenseCAP S2100 data logger can collect data from multiple sensors and transfer the data through the LoRaWAN network. It allows you to convert those sensors that are not LoRa-powered into LoRa-powered sensors, and therefore transfer data through LoRaWAN. You can easily enjoy the advantages of LoRaWAN technology such as low power consumption and long transmission range, without affording the cost of changing the sensors you are using.

Please note: The product is still in the DVT(Design Validation Test) stage, the actual specifications of the finished product may differ slightly from the description, but prevailing parameters will be applied. We are still completing the products' certification process, so no certificates are available yet.


  • Supporting a wide range of sensors: it can support 100+ industrial sensors and 100+ grove sensors including various sensor types such as Analog/I2C/UART/RS485

  • LoRaWAN Wireless Transmission: ultra-low power consumption and ultra ultra-wide-distance transmission range. It has Max.10 years of battery life and can cover a transmission range of 2km in urban scenes and 10km in line of sight scenes

  • Industrial design: -40℃ ~ 85℃ operating temperature and IP66 rating, suitable for indoor, outdoor, and harsh environments such as high UV exposure, heavy rain, dusty conditions, etc.

  • Over the Air Configuration in 1 min: scan the QR code on the device and just in a few clicks to choose the frequencies you want, all the configuration can be done via Bluetooth

  • Easily get data, no clunky software interfaces: temperature and humidity data can smoothly be sent to your phone and cloud servers or other IoT data management platforms you’re using,

  • Powerful supported SenseCAP APP: you can set threshold value (just focus on the data you need take action for), time intervals (improve the battery efficiency), and set alarms if data is out of the safe range.

  • Compatible with Worldwide LoRaWAN networks: can be used with different types of LoRaWAN gateways and compatible with multiple LoRaWAN Network Servers (Helium, TTN) to enable our sensor quickly join in your current LoRaWAN networks


If you have not deployed any sensors, you can consider other sensors in S210x series, they can provide off-the-shelf experience for you. If the parameters in our SenseCAP S210x series can not satisfy your need (we provide air temperature & humidity, C02, soil moisture & humidity, EC, and light intensity in S210x series), you can consider using other sensors that support Analog/I2C/UART/RS485. Please check "Also Add" on the right side to see what sensors we provide now.

Why is SenseCAP S210x outstanding in LoRaWAN Sensors?

S210x offers an easy-to-use experience.

Traditional LoRaWAN Sensors

SenseCAP S210x Sensors

Parameter Setting

  • need a cable to connect the device to computer; unfriendly to users without technical background

  • no need for a cable; a few clicks on your phone will finish all the configuration work via Bluetooth

Device Status Observation

  • disassemble the device and observe status of the lights on PCBA

  • external buttons and LED on the device, easy to press and observe


  • use customerized battery; can not be accessible on the market

  • some need Wiring Method to power the device

  • the standard D-size Li-SOCL2 battery available on Amazon and other platforms

  • no need for wires, battery-powered

Frequency offer

  • if you get the wrong frequency, then you will have to change it and bear freight or custom cost

  • each device supports frequency from 863MHz ~928MHz, you can change the frequency any time via your phone

Deployment Test

  • it’s hard to find whether the sensor works during field deployment stage

  • can know the real time status of your device via your phone

With it, you can be benefited from:

Scan-and-Play Simplicity, Easy Configuration via Bluettoth in Just 1 min

Bluetooth 5.0 has reduced many configuration works, no need for connecting it with your computers or do some complicated wiring work. All you need to do is to scan the QR code on the device, and the DevEUI、AppEUI and AppKey will automatically show up on your phone. After a few clicks to set the frequency (because each device supports 7 frequencies, more info is shown below), the whole configuration process is done!

For individuals who are new to LoRaWAN, they can quickly get started with this small but powerful IoT wireless temperature and humidity sensor. So, if you’re seeking some wireless temperature and humidity sensors for your smart garden or smart irrigation home projects or you want a wireless air temperature and humidity sensor to detect the ambient air quality for your home or office. This wireless long-range air temperature and humidity sensor is the one you don’t want to miss.

For business, in order to achieve the biggest efficiency, it is important to cut the time and cost that is going to be spent on large scale device deployment and later device maintenance, this wireless Long Range temperature, and humidity sensor can give you a hand on this.

In Q3, we will release another two advanced functions for you to set time intervals (how often you want to receive the data) and set threshold values (not all the data are valuable and you can focus on the range you need to take action for).

Minimal maintenance cost: power-conscious battery, rugged enclosure and remote data monitoring

SenseCAP S2100 data logger incorporates a built-in Long Range Module(Wio-E5) for long-range transmission and a standard Li-SOCl2 high-capacity battery. It is specifically designed and optimized for use cases that need to power end devices for years. To minimize the power consumption, the device wakes up, transmits the collected relative data to the gateway, and then goes back to sleep.

Under the best of circumstances, the battery is expected to last for more than 10 years, depending on the environmental factors and data transmission intervals. Please kindly note that the default interval is once per hour. The sensor can quickly replace a new battery by unscrewing just three screws. The battery is a standard Li-SOCl2 battery (type: ER34615) that can purchase from Amazon and other platforms.

Different data display choices — Open API for different data management consoles

It allows you to check the real-time data on the phone, which gives you the biggest convenience. You can remotely check the data highs & lows.

We provide an easy integration method if you’re using other PaaS to manage your data, such as Microsoft Azure or AWS or your own cloud/Edge servers.

(3 Steps to Get the Data based on SenseCAP Portal)

Strong compatibility: works perfectly with different gateways and network servers

SenseCAP Architecture: SenseCAP ecosystem offers you a no-code and the most time-saving experience

If you’re using our SenseCAP LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway, then you are successfully building a SenseCAP ecosystem, which means that you can onboard your device just by a simple OTA configuration on your phone. This can be a no-code process and then you can get access to a convenient web-based console.

Helium Network Architecture: make full advantage of the Helium coverage and various powerful IoT data management platforms on the Helium console

Note: if your area is covered by the Helium network, then you can directly use it by integrating the device in the network; if you don’t, you can buy SenseCAP M1/M2 to build your own Helium network

We’re establishing cooperation with many IoT data management platforms such as Ubidots and Datacake in order to provide a more ready-to-use experience to you. You can just choose the platforms you want the data to go directly to on the Helium console and no need for software testing work.

Standard LoRaWAN Architecture: for other LoRaWAN Network Servers and various LoRaWAN gateways on the marketplace

This LoRaWAN air temperature and humidity sensor meet the standard LoRaWAN protocol, so it supports multiple frequency bands and is perfectly compatible with different brands of gateways on the marketplace. If you already have a standard LoRaWAN gateway, you can use this sensor directly.


  • Greenhouse Vegetables Growing

Light is the energy of vegetable photosynthesis. The light intensity directly affects the rate of photosynthesis thus affecting vegetable productivity. Also, different vegetables need different light intensities. Our LoRaWAN Light Sensors can help remotely monitor real-time light intensity and help you know whether the light intensity is good for your vegetables now.

  • Floriculture

Flowers can’t grow without light. The lack of light will make the flowers grow less and the leaves may turn yellow. The need for light intensity varies from flower to flower, some are light-loving plants but some are not. Also, certain growing periods need a certain light intensity. With our Light Intensity Sensor, you can know the light condition well and better take care of your flowers.



Current Input

4 to 20 mA

Voltage Input

0 to 5 V


RS485 Modbus-RTU Protocol

General Parameters

Product Model

SenseCAP S2100



Support Protocol

LoRaWAN v1.0.3 Class A

Built-in Bluetooth

App Tool to change parameters and set data conversion algorithm

Long Range Channel Plan

IN865/EU868/US915/AU915/ AS923*

Max Transmitted Power



[email protected] BW=125KHz

Communication Distance

2 to10km (depending on and environments)

IP Rating


Operating Temperature

-40 to +85 °C

Operating Humidity

0 to 100 %RH (non-condensing)

Device Weight



CE / FCC / RoHS(Testing certification in progress)

Battery (Contained in equipment)

Battery Life

Up to 10 years**

Battery Capacity

19Ah (non-rechargeable)

Battery Type

Standard D-size SOCl2 Battery

* Every single device can support 7 frequency plans.

** This wireless LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity sensor support up to 10 years of battery life, but the actual battery life varies from data upload interval, data payload, and distance between gateways. If you want to optimize the Long Range battery life, you can choose to send a smaller amount of data, send messages less frequently, and keep Long Range spreading factor as low as possible.

Long Range Frequency

Note: No Frequency limitation. Sensor switched to other frequency plans at any time.

S210x Devices are manufactured to support the universal frequency plan from 863MHz ~928MHz in one SKU. That is to say, every single device can support the frequency plans below:

Frequency Plan

Common Name







Sub-band from 1 to 8



Sub-band from 1 to 8



AS923_1, AS923_2, AS923_3, AS923_4










The frequency plan setting is none by default and it will not transmit RF signal until it has been set by App via Bluetooth at the first power-up. And it can be changed to other frequency plans at any time.







KA4*20mm Self-drilling Screw


Waterproof gasket



HSCODE 9031809090
RoHS 1



SenseCAP devices have been serving various vertical industries such as cold storage warehouse monitoring, smart poultry farming, autonomous greenhouse, smart durian planting, and educational projects etc. Check whether these use case can satisfy your application needs and give you some inspiration.
Live streaming has become very popular, but have you ever seen a pig live stream?
There are more than 1,500 large tea estates that include an average landholding of 740 acres each. There are also 45,000 small tea growers with an average landholding of 25 acres in North East India. For these small farms, every 25 acres would require about 10 Helium-compatible sensors with a full-scale deployment including approximately 295 sensors across 740 acres. And that would be just the beginning, as these IoT solutions can be applied in multiple precision agriculture areas all over the world.



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